Yuumi Kikushita
Occupation Teacher
Weapon Knife
Series Yandere: I Love You So I Have To Kill You
Voice Actress Mai Fujii

Yuumi Kikushita is one of the Love Interests from the obscure Visual Novel Yandere: I Love You So I Have To Kill You. She is Saki and Subaru's homeroom and Japanese teacher.



Yuumi is a buxom, average height adult with a fair complexion and dark blue, hosome-style eyes. She has short brown hair with her long bangs and forelocks split down the middle. A beauty mark is visible at the corner of her left eye.

She is known for being fashionable, wearing a white tank-top beneath an opened green jacket and a skirt with a long slit on each side, along with black tights and heels.


Despite being a strict teacher, Yuumi is well-admired by her students because of her calm personality, natural confidence, and her appearance. She is charismatic and a bit mischevious at times, but she is also naturally caring towards students and will try to help them.

However, Yuumi is also very flirty and long for a real, meaningful relationship. As such, she is fairly clingy and the type to get jealous and rush to judgemental decisions and assumptions. Age is no big deal to her, as long as she thinks there are feelings between her and her target.



She uses a kitchen knife.


Subaru - If he tries to ignore her or get away from her, she will find a way to force himself on him and rape him. She also harasses him from outside of his home and manipulates her teachers ethical code to get to him, such as giving him detention or making "home visits". 

In her worst ending, she will force herself inside his home and they have sex for most of the day. By now Subaru realizes he has to get away from her, but she hears him and kills him in retaliation, stabbing him to death and chopping up his body. She is then shown cooking and eating the remains.


Subaru - She manages to keep a straight-face in the public eye but will hunt him down whenever possible. Even going into the mens restroom if she thinks he is there. Later in the game she has a tendency to spend her evening knocking on his door, pounding on his windows, and ringing his doorbell several times to the point of leaving behind bloodied hand prints the following morning. She is extremely clingy over him, thinking he earnestly loves her in return.

Saki - They mutual hate each other and pretend as though no animosity exists in front of witnesses. Yuumi is jealous over her supposed-closeness with Subaru. Both Subaru and Saki find her strange. 

Maika - She is also envious of Maika. However, she is also kind and willing to help her when she sees her getting bullied.


In one ending, Subaru will kill her using a box cutter in self-defense. After this happens, Saki finds them and decides to help by eating the remains.



  • She is one of the few known adult female yandere characters.
  • She is the only love interest in game with short hair.
    • She also has the most realistic appearance, as Saki has purple hair, while Maika has pink eyes.