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Yukari Minamida
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Occupation Middle School Student (LL)

High School Student (LLPoF)

Weapon Knife
Series Liar Liar

Yukari Minamida is the main character of the series Liar Liar.



Yukari is a short teenage girl who looks a lot younger than her classmates. She has light purple eyes and heart-shaped eyebrows, along with a fair complexion and fanged tooth. Her long, dark mint-colored hair is put up into straightened pigtails to match her tented bangs and forelocks. Between games her hair is shown growing slightly longer.

In the first game Yukari wears the lavender and white school uniform, accent with pink. In the second game she switches to the brown, darker themed uniform of her new school.


Matching that of her appearance, Yukari displays an innocent- yet cheeky demeanor. She is mischevious with her childish mentality to the point of being unaware why it would be wrong to openly discuss murdering someone, and remains very bright and perky when killing someone. She has a short-temper and gets bored fairly quick.

She is very affectionate with those she loves, but she has trouble expressing it properly.

In the second game, she is shown to have matured a little and shows a serious side when it is called for.


Liar LiarEdit

Several weeks prior to the game starting, Yukari caught her boyfriend with her younger sister. He proclaimed to only love her and Yukari confronted them, but after Minami refused to believe her and told her off, Yukari began to seek revenge for turning her sister against her.


Since the last games events ended, Yukari started to date Miho. They have murdered ten more people but claim it was justified since Miho somehow attracts weird guys. They attend different schools now, but hang out whenever they can while trying to move on from the past.


Yukari is normally depicted to wield a knife.


Yukari's Victims yeah they died


Miho Sonoda - Yukari thought Miho was weird at first but realizing they saw no harm in murdering others, she came to the conclusion that Miho is just as messed up as she is. This allows them to bond and eventually see that they love each other. In the second game they became a couple.

Minami - Her sister that she adores in her own, twisted way. Their relationship is implied to be sour, as Minami doesn't trust her and finds Yukari to be delusional. While she is younger, she looks olders and has a mature and aloof personality. She was suspicious of Yukari after her boyfriend vanishes, and it is implied that she is actually Yukari's morality chain- and should something happen to her, Yukari would go insane.

Boyfriend - A good guy and friend of Tanaka. While Yukari claims they were dating, its impossible to tell if they were. Not only because of Minami calling her delusional, but because of the games title itself and the fact she shows attraction towards girls, rather than boys.

Tanaka - Yukari's ex-boyfriend from the past, she is indifferent towards him but not intentionally mean. She holds no grudges against him and feels a tiny amount of remorse for having to kill him, simply for being there at the wrong time. In the sequal game she shows anxiety and frustration finding him alive, but got along with him fine when she wasn't worrying about him doing something to out her and Miho.

Akira - A popular schoolmate that is admired by several females of any age. As Yukari felt nothing for him but contempt, he has his own attachement to her and wants her for himself. 

Nao - A girl in the sequel who only appears in the true route. She is tomboyish and has known Yukari since elementary school and they appear to have a close friendship. Yukari asks Nao to date her or risk being killed, but when Nao refuses she accepts this decision with no fuss.


Should the Player make bad decisions, Yukari's life can be put on the line in both games.

First GameEdit

Yukari can be killed on two routes.

After cornering the boyfriend, Yukari is confronted by the injured Tanaka. If she kills Miho earlier in the game, nobody prevents him from attacking her. He slices her neck and as Yukari lays bleeding, her final thoughts show that she is unaware that the blood is her own while wondering why he isn't dead.

In the other Route, Yukari decides to trust Wakabayshi when he claims he hasn't done anything wrong, considering she didn't have proof that Miho was being truthful and hardly knows her. Then, he asks her for help rehearsing for an upcoming school production and she agrees, only for him to confront her in a locked room. As Yukari lies and claims not to know anything, he kills her to keep her out of the way before going on to kill Miho and implying his intentions of killing himself afterwards.


The earliest death occurs if Yukari stumbles upon Akira and Tanaka. Akira will take him hostage and when Yukari tries to help him Akira slices her neck with a pair of scissors- but just enough to break the skin. Free, Tanaka grabs Yukari and leads her to safety in another classroom to hide. But Akira gets the door open and finishes them off.

If Yukari agrees to kill Tanaka, Akira knocks her out to take her back to his place. As she awakens, he describes his plans to mutilate her and keep her as a puppet for him to play with.

In one of the last Routes of the game, Minami will kill Yukari after Tanaka confronts her and informs her of what happened. However, Minami notes that Yukari could have easily dodged the attack and wonders why she didn't. As she dies, Yukari explains that she doesn't mind because of her love for her sister.

On another Route, Yukari is killed by Minami after she tries to save her from Akira at the end of the game, unaware that it was a trap. Miho and Tanaka were killed shortly after.


- "This may be a little sudden, but i’m just going to say it ! I’m going to kill my boyfriend !"

- "I need to catch him by suprise… to kill him of course !"

- "I’m sure I can clean all this blood if I move fast enough ! Yay ~ !"

- "Ugh… why are boys so heavy…"

- "Adios, Tanaka, you devil lizard !"

- "I’m a dainty lady, I deserve to be spoken to gently !"

- "Oh poo."


  • In the true route of the sequel game, Yukari is revealed to collect the heads of her victims.
    • It was also revealed that Yukari kills everyone she falls in love with and has done this since she was little.
  • Yukari's overly long sleeves are thought to be that way to make her look cuter. But in reality this is to cover a mild skin disease she has on her hands.