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WARNING: This wiki is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. May contain graphic imagery and descriptions of the sexual nature. Also be warned that there will be spoilers!

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The Yandere Girls Wikia is a collaborative database for a popular type of character in Japanese media(Anime/Manga/Videos Games/Light Novels): a Yandere. Here you can find an extensive collection of all Yandere featured for those who enjoy the character type or just want to learn more!

This wikia is exclusively for Asian/Japanese made characters referred to as a Yandere. This is not a fan/OC wiki.

Feel free to check out the Work In Progress brother site: Yandere Boys Wiki

Feel free to make yourself at home (as if you had a choice~), but please remember to follow Wiki-chan's rules if you don't wish to wind up one of her victims~

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