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Umi Kajiura
Kanji 梶浦 海美
Birthday July 17th
Occupation Student, Miko
Weapon Broom
Series Fortissimo
Voice Actress Tae Okajima

Soyogi Toono

Umi Kajiura is a side character from the Fortissimo series.



Umi has a fair complexion with yellow Tareme eyes and pale blue-mint hair that reaches her shoulders. Her forelocks are slightly tented and reach mid-shoulder. She has a noticeable figure.

Umi often wears a Miko outfit or various school outfits. 


Two-faced depending on whether or not she has her glasses on, Umi is a complex character. She normally appears to be delicate and soft, somewhat cowardly and belligerent. This form is extremely popular and has net her the rank of "School Idol", winning over both girls and boys for the appearance reminiscent of a clumsy puppy.

With her contacts in, Umi reveals a cooler personality that has even gained further popularity for its aggressive and bold nature. She is highly confident in herself and her position of Miko and is extremely passionate, but demonstrates a more rude and selfish side while in this form. She has no problem slaughtering enemies set before her and is regarded as cold-blooded when this side emerges. 


It was revealed that Umi has a severe complex over her glasses and doesn't like to wear them. She was highly shy and feared everyone thought she looked weird.



Sakurai Shunsuke - A childhood friend who she refers to as 'Shun'.





  • Height: 155cm, Weight: 46kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 82-52-80cm
  • Her voice actress, Tae Okajima has voiced another yandere, Kotonoha Katsura.