Series Fire Emblem Awakening
Voice Actress Kana Akutsu (Japan)

Stephanie Sheh (English)

Tharja is a character from Fire Emblem Awakening.



Tharja is pale skinned with small eyes and long black hair with a small amount of it pulled up on the back of her head, worn with a gold accessory.

She wears a revealing outfit composed of a sheer black leotard covering her torso, save for the top of her chest and hands. Over it she wears a dark, dull blue bikini top accented in gold with a matching, wrap skirt, along with a long flowing cape, gold accessories, and gold sandals.


A dark and mopey-type girl who doesn't really seem to have much empathy for others - practicing hex's on them when bored or just ignoring them. She has her rare moments of being seen "dorky" and "cute", and she proves to not be nearly as bad as she initially comes off. However, if she falls for the Players Character, she can come off as a stalker. She collects anything discarded from the Player and keeps track of every single thing they do.

She is revealed to have standards. She doesn't care about selfish people who only think of themselves and cause others pain. She also doesn't have much faith in her looks or self - and can become uncomfortable by positive responses pointing out her looks, as well as automatically expecting everyone to reject her.





Morgan - In one game, revealed to be her daughter is a girl who is theorized to be consistently neglected by her.

Noire - Her other daughter further in the series. She is abusive with her, in the sense that she practices new hexes on her. However, she is extremely protective of her just the same.


"I can't believe you made me love you! ...Course, if you back out, I'll murder you in your sleep."