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Suzu Kisaragi
Kanji 如月すず
Occupation High School Student, Fox Youkai
Weapon Powers
Series Ayakashibito
Voice Actress Hinata Ayukawa

Suzu Kisaragi is one of the heroine featured in Ayakashibito. A game about the youkai and humans living together and born from them; half youkai.



Suzu has fair skin and very long blonde hair worn in a thick purple accessory to keep it extremely short in appearance. Her hair is tented at the center of the bangs, allowing them to frame the top portion of her face. Her eyes are dark yellow.

Suzu normally wears a white and red outfit reminiscent of a Miko's attire for her school uniform. Her outfits is adorned with bells normally. 


Like the kitsune youkai she represents; Suzu is a mixed bag. At times she can be sweet and friendly. She loves to tease others and is noted for being funny. However, she is also distrust of others and tends to keep a lot of things to herself.

She claims to be an "older sister", but she acts nothing like one, being highly stubborn and easily angered. She is also spoiled and by default, has become quite lazy. She shows a sarcastic nature at tims and will bluntly ignore the thoughts or opinions of others if she feels she owes them nothing. 




Soushichi - Loves him above all else and follows him everywhere. She hates every human except for him, and tries doting on him whenever possible. Although she also believes he is too kind and naive.


Suzu has an ability known as "Soul of Language", allowing her to command those who feel compelled to follow her orders.