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Sumire Higashifushimi
Occupation High School Student
Series Ingyaku no Gakuen ~Waida ni Habikoru Fukushuu no Wana~
Voice Actress Yuki Akashi

Sumire Higashifushimi is one of the main characters in ngyaku no Gakuen ~Waida ni Habikoru Fukushuu no Wana~. After the main character saves a sexually bullied girl from suicide he is expelled from school when the bullies blackmail him and claim he raped the girl. With nothing left to lose, he and the girl decide to get revenge.



Sumire has a fair complexion with Hosome-style green eyes and long platinum blonde hair worn in twin-tails held with light blue ribbon. Her fluffy bangs and forelock frame her face.

She wears a red blazer over a white shirt and dark red tie, along with a pleat miniskirt and black stockings.


A rude, nasty girl who bullies others. She is especially vicious towards those she likes if she is unable to get closer to them or if she gets envious of the attention they give to someone else.







  • Sumire resembles both Hijirisawa sisters from Yandere na Shimai ni Shirokujichuu Aishi Tsukusareru ~Ninshin Suru no wa Watashi! Anata no Idenshi o Shikyuu de Hagukumitai no!~
    • She has twin tails with sky blue ribbon, like Asuka, while her hair is blonde, like Miki's.
    • Also note that the school uniform resembles their own.