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Sora Kasugano
CA01 04M.png
Age 16
Birthday February 5
Series Yosuga no Sora
Voice Actress Haruka Shiranami (Game)

Hiroko Taguchi (Anime)

Sora Kasugano is one of the Love Interests from the obscure Visual Novel Yosuga no Sora. She is a non-violent, light yandere.



As a twin Sora resembles her brother, having the same grey eyes and silver hair, but she is shorter and her hair is much longer, being worn normally in a pair of twin-tails with dark grey ribbon, or worn loose. She has a pale complexion and is described as being "doll-like with a fragile body". She normally dresses in monotone colored, gothic outfits.


Sora is lazy and withdrawn, spending her time usually surfing the web or eating junk food. She refuses to ever leave the house unless it involves Haruka or by force. She seems to lack any moral grounds or caring for the social norm- such as ignoring the taboo some put on incest, or breaking into Haruka's class to try to sexually please him beneath the desk.

She is easily envious and will resort to petty tactics to get Haruka away from other girls; and realizing how little care she shows him she tries to improve herself by doing more for him in return. She is very lonely without Haruka.



Haruka - She is obsessively in love with him, and in the anime and her route he returns her feelings- but holds back because of the nature of their relationship. She is aware that she is very needy and selfish, giving her a form of self-loathing that she isn't able to overcome without his help. She only really tries anything for his sake and isn't about manipulating a situation to gain his favor. 

Nao Yorihime - They were friends as children until she caught Nao force herself on Haruka prior to leaving, and since then she has began to detest her out of fear she was planning on taking Haruka from her. She is hostile and rude to her, even spening hours dedicated to writing "I hate Nao" over and over in a word document on her computer. Despite this -and her feelings for Haruka- Nao is one of the few who supports her relationship with Haruka.



  • She is the only girl to get pregnant in the game.
  • She enjoys pocky.
  • She fears mosquitoes to the point of trying to use hair spray to rid of them.