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Shouko Kirishima is a supporting character - occasionally an antagonist - in the anime/light novel series Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. She is the highest-scoring student at Fumizuki Academy, and has a very Yandere-esque attitude towards her childhood friend Yuuji Sakamoto.



Shouko has long flowing violet hair (referred as black in the novels) styled in a hime cut give that she's an ojou (Japanese term for a rich female) that she runs down all the way to her waist. She is also seen with two small ribbons on each side of her hair. Shouko also has stated to Yuuji that she has C-cupped sized (B-cupped in US size) breasts during the pool-cleaning session.


Shouko shows an impressive amount of dedication to Yuuji, though she is also very jealous. She often tries to restrict every interaction between him and other girls. During the group's visit to the Academy's pool, for example, Shouko frequently forcefully poked Yuuji in the eyes to prevent him from seeing any of the other girls in their swimsuits.

Shouko seems to wish for Yuuji to "react" to her as the more perverted boys would; during the group's visit to the beach, Shouko notices Kouta Tsuchiya suffer a major nosebleed due to Aiko Kudou's provocations. She then turns to Yuuji, notices that he's completely normal, and gives him a nosebleed, saying that he should be getting a nosebleed from her without provocation.

Upon the slightest chance or clue that Yuuji has cheated on her - even harmless or incorrect "clues" - Shouko will attack him for being unfaithful. She has gone so far to carry a taser around and tase Yuuji if he does something "unfaithful".

However, it should be noted that despite Shouko's yandere qualities, she does have a good side to her. Shouko is very trusting and affectionate towards Yuuji - enough so to purposefully put an incorrect answer on a test solely because Yuuji had incorrectly told her that it was correct. She is trustful of him to a somewhat gullible level; once, Hideyoshi was able to trick her into with a recording of Yuuji's voice.

Shouko frequently threatens Yuuji with marriage papers, and can easily talk him into doing "romantic" things with her by threatening with marriage. Additionally, she often refers to herself as Yuuji's wife.




Shouko has caused no deaths; however, she frequently abuses Yuuji Sakamoto.






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