"So if you're expecting some kind of sob story from me about my past, sorry to disappoint you."

Sho Reilen
Tvtorpessa 905
Age 16
Weapon Psychic Powers


Series Crimson Rafflesia

Sho Reilen is a character from Crimson Rafflesia.



Shou has long white-silver hair with fluffy forelocks framing her face and a single, curled cowlick. She has crimson eyes and a fair complexion.

Her attire consists of a white blouse and crimson skirt, worn with a long red tie, black tights, and a black jacket.


A seemingly normal young teenager who kills other people through sadistic means for no real reason other than because she enjoys it. She is said to have come from a normal household; which further causes others to question how she's become this way- although it is implied something did happen from the past.

Sho is a compulsive liar and has a tendency to make dark jokes, and comes off as a childish jerk.



Heath - At one moment she appears to save him from an attack, but then decides to kill him right after.

Mikaela Lane - Killed a year prior to the game.


Kaison - It is unknown if its romantic, but she has an obsession with him.

Erik - Her employer who is often questioning Sho and why she acts the way she does.

Chloe - A girl who knows both Heath and Sho from the past.

Flora Lane - A girl Sho knows from the past.