Shirley Fennes
Shirley Fennes
Series Tales of Legendia
Voice Actress Ryo Hirohashi (Japan)

Carrie Savage (English)

Shirley Fennes is a character from the game Tales of Legendia.



Shirley is fair-skinned with large, dark blue eyes and pale blonde curly hair worn with a pink stone headband. Her attire is composed of a white dress cut in a way to reveal a shorter blue and brown skirt beneath it. Worn over the chest is a pale pink ruffled blouse and a pale bronze vest, along with a blue stone necklace. Her pale brown boots have pink cuffs.


Shirley is a kind young girl who seemed to be fairly normal. But after so much pushing she was thrown into a suicidal depression with the influence from the evil group.




Senel - Her adoptive brother who she fell in love with. However, she holds herself back because he is in love with her sister. Even after being rejected by him she tries to hold back until learning the devastating truth about him, causing her to lose the will to fight the evil influences. At the end of the game, she essentially wins him.

Stella - Her older sister, who she also loves and respected. She grew hostile after finding out a secret Senel and Stella kept from her.