"Goodnight, Mariko..."

Weapon Knife
Series Dear Mariko

Shinku is the protagonist of Dear Mariko. A game by SoyaSushi Productions about a girl recalling fond memories from the past after she returns home to find her boyfriend missing and a letter left in his place.



Shinku's age is unknown, but she appears to be youthful. She has large green eyes and long light pink hair worn in a hime-cut with dark green clips.

She wears a school uniform composed of a school shirt beneath a dull green jacket, dark green skirt, black tights, and a pair of loafers.


Shinku is curious and playful. She was left heartbroken when Darien left, and wonders what she did wrong while observing various items within the home. She shows to have become delusional, and acts with disdain or annoyance upon commenting on items she dislikes.



To protect herself from the house intruder, Shinku used two kitchen knives.


Darien - His status is left ambiguous. She drove him to leave Mariko for her own safety, and during the True Ending, at one point she will say "I don't think he will keep his promise. He's unable to now, so...", possibly implying she did something to him, or because of her plans to rid of Mariko. 

Mariko - In the true ending, Shinku attacks Mariko when she is found by her. She stabs her repeatedly while Mariko cries out to be saved by Darien.


In one ending she will be killed by Mariko if she doesn't grab something for self-defense or hide in time when she shows up.


Darien - Shinku adored him and stalked him for some time, leading to him eventually taking off in hopes it would protect Mariko from her. At one point he proclaims his stalker to be an "insane monster", but she is unable to realize he refers to her.

Mariko - Instantly she despised her and everything about her for being Darien's girlfriend. She is displeased with her and her taste in items and makes it known. Her harassment of Darien caused him to grow distant with her, which caused Mariko to slip into a stress and grief-induced Yandere Mode. 



  • Shinku translates as Crimson, which possibly relates to the blood-shed she causes, as well as her pink hair.
  • In certain versions of the game, she will specifically say "I never said my name was Mariko", during the true ending.
  • A few of her comments make it apparent she isn't Mariko before the Truth Ending:
    • She complains over the scent of the bed 'she' supposedly sleeps in.
    • She hates the items Mariko put into the home and claims Darien hated them too. There would be no sense in buying such items if they both lived there and hated them.
    • After finding the letter, her response initially appears to be troubled over Darien leaving. However, what actually bothered her was knowing he thought poorly of her.