Arcana heart scharlachrot 7187
Weapon Baldur


Series Arcana Heart
Voice Actress Yuki Matsuoka

Scharlachrot is an antagonist who appears in Arcana Heart 3. In it, she plots to destroy the world in an attempt to be with her beloved friend again.



Scharlachrot has fair-skin and a feminine figure, which she shows off with a dark grey bikini-styled top and a pair of short-shorts, both with a red accent. She wears matching arm sleeves and boots, along with a flowing purple gape held with a red shard-shaped ornament. Her hot pink hair is pulled into twin-tails with a small amount of it sticking up, matching her bangs. Her eyes are a matching color.


From the start, Scharlachrot is shown to have an unhinged mentality. She is obsessed with her friend and cares for her, but feels immense hurt and resentment for being left behind. As the game passes, her mental state worsens but her behavior reveals she was hypnotized into going off the deep end by manipulating her sadness and pain.


Scharlachrot was raised at the Drexler Institute along her friend, Weib (Weiss). After Weib ran away from their once home, she was sent out to retrieve or kill her.


It depends on who the Player is controlling. However, there is one consistent victim.

Weib: In certain routes, if Weib shows up, Scharlachrot decides to kill her and herself, so that they can be together in death.


When defeated, it is assumed in some routes she dies. She had also planned on killing herself.


Scharlachrot has Baldur, an Arcana that gives her abilities and power. She can also summon and control large chains during battles and often uses them to hang from or grab her targets.


Weiss - As they grew up together, they are seemingly very close. She was devastated by her leaving, and in some routes will respond like a yandere; she gets angry and hostile, cries, and eventually snaps. She is clingy over her and can be a bit envious if Weib doesn't show her attention. After snapping out of her hypnotized state, she is shown cooling down a bit.