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"In times like these, one of us ought to be the one to help him. Why...why would he go to you for advice? That role is not yours to fill."

Sayuri Miyasu
Occupation Student
Weapon Scissors
Series My Harem Heaven is Yandere Hell

Sayuri Miyasu is one of the love interests in My Harem Heaven is Yandere Hell. A game about a young man surrounding by three childhood friends in love of him and unwilling to share him with anyone else; including each other as they work together for the approaching School Festival.



Sayuri has a fair complexion with light purple Tareme eyes and a feminine, buxom figure she is proud of. Her long white hair is mostly held back by a thick braid on each side of her head, while her short forelocks reach her shoulders. Her bangs part down the middle.

She normally wears the school uniform, while her casual attire consists of a dark grey and white dress with black accent and two necklaces.

When younger her hair was much shorter and adorned with a bow to match her frilly dress.


Sayuri appears to be the kind and delicate doting older sister type. A typical ojou with a formal and graceful air. She enjoys spoiling those she cares for, and often-times feigns happiness if it means keeping them from getting concerned about her. However, she has no problem flaunting her assets or mocking others- even her friends if she was to get something they all wanted. Out of the three she appears to actually be the most selfish about getting what she wants.

At times Sayuri is delusional, and when annoyed her mean-spirited personality emerges. At times she can be cruel and uncaring, and deep down posesses a hidden perverted side.


Sayuri's Storyline


Sayuri wields a pair of scissors. She uses them to stab, cut, and slice into her targets, and because of her affection for using them, Yuuya is able to link her to any bad deeds she may commit.

She has also been shown using her enviroment around her for violence, such as a flight of stairs. She is also capable of obtaining drugs to use for her personal gain.

In Kayoko's death she justifies using the bat because she wanted her death to be slow and painful.


Sayuri's Victims


Yuuya - Although Yuuya saved them, she tends to treat him like a little brother or a son, babying him in enticing, intimate ways to show her affection and to make the others envious. She is sure she is the most close to Yuuya and while he genuinely cares for her like the others, he finds himself unable to agree with her decisions most of the time and believes she can be too harsh.

Grandfather - The only person in her family who seemed to care about what was best for her and made her happy. She cares for him greatly, and he was the only one in the family to like Yuuya.

Haruka and Kanna - When Yuuya isn't involved or around, the girls mostly get along really well, given their long-time friendship. However, she has no problem being nasty if they do something to upset her, or throwing herself at Yuuya in their presence despite knowing how upset they get. Late in the game, she grows distrustful of them.

Kayako - Right away she disliked her and worried she may have been deceitful.

Shizuka - She held no opinions for her good or bad until spying on them together after Yuuya decides to keep distance.

Detective Kudou - His loyalty has always been towards her as a result of aiding the family in the past and seeing Sayuri as his dead little sister. She has a close bond with him and takes it hard when he "betrays" her.

Parents - Sayuri had a somewhat abusive past, but not because her parents hurt her. They were smothering and assumed they knew what was best, so they often blamed others for her faults, and made her study despite knowing she was unhappy. They also believed she was less valuable as a wife after being attacked by a dog and left with scars.



"You are mine and mine alone... I won't let someone like that have you..."

"Even if, for example, you said something you didn't really mean, like 'let's keep our distance.' "

"I'm not a demon... I am NOT a demon..."

"Common sense...? That's meaningless to us."


  • Sayuri has an interest in horror movies and can go into discussions of graphic detail; to the point of making others physically sick.
  • She has a surprising amount of strength.
  • When younger, Sayuri threatened suicide to make her parents let her attend school with the group again.
  • She once ate five strawberry shortcakes in one evening.
  • Sayuri is the only main girl with an unrealistic eye color.