Sakura Yoshino
Birthday September 4th
Series Da Capo
Voice Actress Visual Novel: Hitomi (Minami Hokuto)

Anime: Yukari Tamura

Sakura Yoshino is a character from Da Capo. Her Yandere personality is given several implications is not outright shown, other than in a few episodes of the anime.



Sakura has a fair complexion with the frame of a young girl and large, sapphire eyes. Her long blonde hair is pulled into twin-tails held with blue, rabbit-ear style ribbons. She is mostly shown in a blue and white school uniform with black socks and miniature brown boots.

In the second game she switched to a dark blue top under a white shirt, a black straightened skirt to match her ribbons, and a pair of dark blue socks with black pull-on shoes.


Sakura is brilliant with an IQ of 180 and a fondness of Japanese Culture; but she is often mistaken for a foreigner. She has magical abilities and things often happen whenever she thinks about them.

At first she appears to be kind and carefree, but she is uneasy over her flat chest and has a temper. She can be childish when forced to her limits and driven further angered or insane. She hates to be treated like a kid and can be insanely jealous or clingy. She has a mischevious streak.


When younger, Sakura left for America. When the series begins she returns but appears to be no different than when she left. It is explained that she wished to return the way Jun'ichi remembered her.



Nemu - At one point Sakura made a wish that Nemu would stay out of the way between her and Jun'ichi, and then a tree fell and killed her. In another route she incidentally caused her to become deathly ill due to making a wish- one she felt remorse over.

Random Person - Angrily killed them after they mixed her up with Nemu.


Jun'ichi - her cousin who she is obsessively in love with. They made a promise to one day be lovers, but he is unable to keep it after he falls for Nemu. He genuinely cares about Sakura.

Nemu - The sister of Junichi, but not by blood. Sakura once killed a person when they confused her for Nemu, but they show a surprising amount of things in common despite their mutual dislike of each other.




  • She uses boku to refer to herself, but she isn't a tomboy.