Saki Miyauchi
Occupation Student
Weapon Chainsaw
Series Yandere: I Love You So I Have To Kill You
Voice Actress Hina Kamimura

Saki Miyauchi is one of the Love Interests from the Visual Novel Yandere: I Love You So I Have To Kill You. She is the childhood friend of the main character, Subaru.



With her youthful appearance and average frame, Saki appears to be childish in comparison to the other love interests. She has a fair complexion and emerald tareme eyes. Her long purple hair is pulled up into shoulder-length pigtails held with light green ribbns. She has straightened bangs and thick tented forelocks reaching her chest.

Saki is normally depicted in the pink and white school uniform with a red ribbon hanging from the collar.


Saki is a Little Sister type but is known for being very responsible despite that and being an all-around well off homemaker. She is wise and mature when called for, and she is great at her studies with a serious and diligent mindset. She can be a little childish sometimes but she is mostly independant and capable of handling thngs on her own. She is also sweet and caring over others, and is highly considerate. But when it involves Subaru she is unable to resist being manipulated by him.


Saki appears in game as Subaru's close friends and a friend of the family. As such she reveals that she was requested by Subaru's mother to keep watch over him.


Mainly she is shown wielding a chainsaw to take care of her problems. But she will also use other various means.



Her normal target, usually killed through some violent method.

In one route she shoves him in front of an approaching car, while in her normal route she will decide to nail him to a chair to "take care of him" until he dies.

In her bad ending, she will attack him with her chainsaw while he's asleep in bed. He awakens just in time to see her.

There are also several times when she is shown drugging him to have sex with him.


She shows up after Subaru kills her in self-defense in one ending. While she doesn't harm her, she "helps him" by eating the remains.


Similar to the above but with differences.

Fourth Girl/Classic BeautyEdit

A bonus ending-only character who Subaru goes on a date with, a girl who is said to be extremely popular with guys. Saki is shown following them and kills the girl while on their date, using her chainsaw.


Subaru - Saki is obsessively in love with Subaru and takes very good care of him, while he sees her as an annoying little sister only good for what she can do for him. Saki blindly allows him to take advantage of her because of her feelings, and because she feels entitled to have him since he put the moves on her first and has sex with her. Over the course of the game she starts breaking his house locks to allow herself to come and go as she pleases.

Yuumi - Aware of her budding attraction towards Subaru, Saki doesn't like Yuumi at all. The feeling appears to be mutual.

Maika - She hates her.


Depending on the Players choices in the game, rather than Subaru being shoved in front of a car, Saki will get hit by one while chasing after him.



  • She bears resembles to Kagami and Tsukasa, a pair of twins from Lucky Star!
    • She has purple hair and wears ribbons like they both do. She wears her hair in pigtails like Kagami, while the frontal part resembles Tsukasa's.
    • Her normal school uniform bares resemblence to their winter uniform.
    • Her personality has traits from both twins.
  • She refers to Subaru as Subaru-chan.