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Ruri Ishino
Kanji 石野 ルリ
Occupation Student
Weapon Scissors
Series Yan Moe Futago Shimai ~Yande Harande Ai Sarete...~

Ruri Ishino is the older twin sister of Riri Ishino and is the other heroine of Yan Moe Futago Shimai ~ Yande Haranade Ai Sarete... ~ A game staring a young man who saves the twins from a group of boys harassing them and begins regretting it after the girls fall for him.



Ruri resembles Riri, but with an E-cup chest and thinner frame. They both have medium-length pink hair worn in a side-tail held with a knot of hair and a white floral accessory. Their bangs are parted and two large cowlicks, the only difference being that Ruri has shorter cowlicks and a left side-tail. Both sisters also have a fair complexion and pink Tareme eyes.

She is normally depicted in the yellow themed school uniform, composed of a pale yellow top with white cuffs and collar, both lined in dark brown. At her neck is a red bow-tie. Her skirt is a neon yellow plaid pattern pleat with a thin black ribbon tied on the back.


As the elder sister, Ruri appears to be the opposite of her twin. She is energetic and bright and very open with others. She is well-liked as a result of her kindness.

Deep down she hides a "baby complex", and has become obsessed with having Makoto's child.


Makoto happened to be out when he witnesses the twins being harassed by a group of delinquents. He steps in to defend them and protects the sisters- but unwittingly brings upon their entire devotion. The more bold they become, the more anxious he gets until they eventually take a step to surpass all others: they move in next door.



Makoto - the boy who saved her and Riri. She is in the class next to him, and fell for him instantly. She desires to have his child above all else and attempts to rape him.


Ruri uses a pair of scissors.