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Wikia Rules

Please follow them to ensure everyone has a fun time!

  1. Respect your fellow members. Threats or Nasty Attitudes will not be tolerated.
  2. While this wiki has an 18+ rule, anything deemed not safe for work should not be placed on any page without a WARNING on top of the page first.
  3. Spamming and Flaming the articles or Members is not allowed.
  4. This is not a Fanon wiki.
  5. This wiki is only for Asian media Yandere, as in those from anime, manga, video games, or other programs like radio and live action.
  6. Please add as much content as possible on the pages; the characters must have proof listed.
  7. If you disagree with something, such as a character you think actually isn't a Yandere, contact the Admin of the wiki.

(Rules are subject to change if necessarily)

Character Pages

View bottom of this section for Example.

Each page should have this information:


  1. Bio (put heading 3 size "Appearance" and "Personality" beneath it)
  2. Background - Character past and history from the series
  3. Victims - Those she has attacked or killed. Explain what she did to them.
  4. Weapon/s - if elaboration is necessary, otherwise it will just be listed on the template.
  5. Death - Only add this if she is killed in the series. 
  6. Relationships - how she interacts with other characters.
  8. Trivia
  9. Gallery


  1. Hair Color  - Just use Basic shades, such as Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, etc.
  2. Eye Color - Same as above
  3. (Weapon) user
  4. Status (Living/Dead, she can be both if it applies, Single/Dating/Married, etc)
  5. Age (Child (12 or below) Teen (13-17) Adult (18 and up)
  6. Stub (only if the page is small or lacks information)
  7. (Media type) Yandere
  8. Series (only add the series if there is more than 1 entry from it)