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Ruili Kong
Occupation Musician
Series Kikokugai - The Cyber Slayer
Voice Actress Yukari Tamura (remake)

Ruili Kong is one of the main characters in Kikokugai - The Cyber Slayer.



Ruili has a fair complexion with very long, dull brown hair pulled into thin twin-tails held with a white bun on top, adorned with a pale pink ruffle ribbon and dark pink string. The forelocks are straightened, while her bangs are tented at the middle. Her Tareme eyes are amber.

In her reborn body, Ruili's hair turns metallic blue. While in the same style, she loses the bun caps and braids the hair in their place, held with sunflower shaped accessories. Her attire is made of metal with gold accent.


Ruili is a well-educated and refined young woman. She was kind and gentle, but showed a secretive side. She was also selfish when it came to getting what she wanted or ensuring her brothers feelings were only on her.

In her reborn form, she initially remained secretive, smart, distant, and quiet. She is a bit immature in this form but acted stoic in most cases. Over time her old personality slowly returns.


Having lived a sheltered life, Ruili grew up with her beloved brother and their childhood friend, Liu Haojun, who she eventually married due to an arranged marriage.

After her death, her soul was placed into a vessel made by someone as an experimental test.



Taolou Kong - Ruili adores her brother to the point of having feelings for him. As he is precious to her, she is precious to him.

Liu Haojun - Having grown up with him, she was close to him. She may not have loved him as much as her brother but they had a steady relationship. It is unknown as to why he turns on her the way he does.



After marrying Lui Haojun she was brutally gang raped and tortured. What led to her death was an experimental soul transfer.