Rizu Hayama
Hayama Rizu
Occupation Student
Series A Profile

Rizu is one of the love interests from a visual novel, A Profile. She is unique in that she was a former-yandere.



Rizu has an average frame and light tan complexion. Her brown eyes accent her short, choppy brown hair. Her bangs are mostly brushed to the side, with her sharp forelocks reaching her her shoulders.

She is normally depicted in the school uniform, a white button up top beneath a dull blue bolero and matching pleat skirt. At her neck is a red ribbon, tied into a bow.


As a child, Rizu was very underhanded and nasty. She resorted to drastic measures to get whatever she wanted- mainly Masayuki; and was fairly unstable. She was clingy and selfish.

Over time, Rizu grew out of this personality and seems a lot better. She can be a little childish and is the type to speak in third-person. Whenever she stops its usually a sign that something is wrong.



Masayuki - At one point when she was younger she stabbed and injured him.


Masayuki - She is his step-sister but that didn't bother her in the least bit. She has loved him and would angrily destroy his property that he got from Miou when she was younger. He is initially against sibling-relationships but may end up reconsidering depending on the Player Choices.

Miou - She didn't seem to like her at all and forced Masayuki to break up with her, since it would make her feel better. At one point she claimed to be lovers with Masayuki with no guilt just to drive a wedge between them.