Risa Kamizaki
Kanji 上崎 裡沙
Occupation Student
Series Amagami
Voice Actress Mai Kadowaki

Risa Kamizaki is a hidden Love Interest in the Amagami video game. In the anime she has a single episode dedicated to her, and she makes several cameo.

She is a non-violent yandere.



Risa has a light tan complexion with a small bust and average height. Her slightly slanted eyes are dull brown and she has long, light brown hair worn in a lengthened hime-cut. Above her forelocks is a long strand of hair going past her navel. A single strand of hair usually sticks out.


Risa keeps to herself and prefers to work behind the scene, although she is highly gentle and a little shy. Her good intentions usually backfire on her after her yandere mentality has already caused her to overthink things and immediately assume the worst. Her desires to keep those she likes happy often resort in her going to desperate lengths to make sure things work out.

In the anime, she is shown to be heavily remorseful for what she has done and decides not to pursue Junichi as she feels she must atone for it.


Risa has been in love with Junichi since meeting him in Grade School. Whenever they meet up, they normally head to an unused preparation room.

Before the start of the series, she is the one who causes Junichi his pain and depression, although incidental. After overhearing his crush didn't really like him and made plans to humiliate him in front of everyone, she began to fear he would commit suicide from the shock. She tried to prevent it by making it so that the two couldn't meet that day.


Junichi - In her Bad Ending, she exposes his porn magazines to everyone to ensure no girl would show interest in him; and in the process, ruins his friendships and bond with his sister, who acts like she doesn't know him publicly.


Junichi - A long-time crush and friend. To get his attention she resorts to tampering with things in his life, but with good intentions. She doesn't mind not being with him romantically, but she doesn't like it when others hurt him. She adores him and has stalked him for a long period of time. They get together if Junichi achieves a Good Ending with her, and during a single episode of the anime until she decides it wasn't fair of her to do what she did beforehand and get away with it.

Miya - Risa met her in the past and they hold no animosity towards one-another. Miya seems to like Risa, and taught her to address Junichi by her own personal nickname, Nii-nii.



  • In the game, Risa sabotaged Junichi's date by misleading the girl to show up two hours early. While in the anime, she convinced her the meeting spot had been changed and led her to the wrong location.
  • Risa shares a lot in common with Miyako Okura from Tokimeki Memorial 4.
    • Both are secret love interests in game.
    • Both are non-violent yandere types.
    • They both know their love interest since they were little.
    • Their personalities both show they try things with the best of intentions and try to make others happy.
    • In her bad ending, Risa will reveal the dirty magazines Junichi keeps to ruin his dating life and reputation with everyone at school. This is similar to the effects of the "TokiMeki Bombs".