Miyako Okura
Occupation Student
Weapon Tokimeki Bombs
Series Tokimeki Memorial
Voice Actress Misato Fukuen

Miyako Okura is a secret, hidden love interest in Tokimeki Memorial 4.



Miyako is tall with a light tan complexion and small red eyes. Her long purple (possibly black) hair is pulled into a ponytail. Her street clothing start off with subtle shades, such as brown or pale blue. During her Yandere phase she changes to darker colors, like purple and black. If she is snapped out of it she will go back to brighter clothing, like pink.


Normally Miyako is kind and cheerful with a tomboyish streak. She can be a bit sarcastic but always meant well. She is good at gathering information due to this, and has no problem sharing it with the Player. Having known the Player she took it upon herself to watch and take care of them, but the way she went about it gave her a Yandere implication; such as stalking the Player and watching them sleep to make sure they were okay.

It was said her Yandere personality is born out of her desire to repress her feelings. The last thing she wanted to happen was for a romance to happen, then lose the friendship she cherishes if things didn't work out.

If she slips into Yandere mode, her tendencies to watch the Player further increase. She refuses to provide information by this point and she takes to intentionally finding ways of making others suffer- such as making horrible food despite being a good cook, or spreading mean rumors.

Depending on how the Player handles her, she can grow depressed and angry and worsen. If the Player does well, she will lose her Yandere personality.



Player - While she doesn't resort to murder, she can spread horrible rumors of the Player to others to scare the other possible love interests away.


Player - A childhood friend she adores, even naming a stuffed rabbit after them. Her Yandere personality first appears after believing the date she went on with them to be a prank due to a joke that was made during it.

Itsuki - Her best friend besides the Player.


In this series, the girls attack each other (emotionally) with "Tokimeki Bombs", which usually causes other girls to dislike the Player by spreading rumors. Due to knowing the Player Character so deeply, her bombs cause the most damage. During Yandere Mode, she gains an extra skill known as "Heartbreak Increase" to further the effect.

She is also immune to the other girls "bombs".



  • In early artwork she had purple eyes.
  • She is one of the most popular characters into the Tokimeki series.
  • She is afraid of heights.
  • Miyako shares a lot in common with Risa Kamizaki from Amigami.
    • Both are secret love interests in game.
    • Both are non-violent yandere types.
    • They both know their love interest since they were little.
    • Their personalities both show they try things with the best of intentions and try to make others happy.
    • In her bad ending, Risa will reveal the dirty magazines Junichi keeps to ruin his dating life and reputation with everyone at school. This is similar to the effects of the "TokiMeki Bombs".