Misao had several relationships, but most of them were bad.


For a long time Aki had been wanting to become Misao's friend after she helped her find a missing contact in the school hall. She thought she was very nice, which led to Misao's spirit seeking her out. After she is able to convince the vengeful Misao to forgive everyone so that she could rest in peace, the two become good friends. When playing as Male Aki, they will confess feelings for each other but decide to take the relationship at a slow pace.

Classmates and Other StudentsEdit

Many students expressed interest in Misao, while most thought she was gross or weird, some of them seemed not to think anything wrong of her. But because she was bullied, nobody stepped in to help her.


She barely knew her, but because Ayaka wasn't mean to her and a friend of Aki's, she didn't hate her.


As the girl Tohma was mainly interested in and often flirted with, Misao was naturally distrustful of her- despite how kind Saotome appeared to be. Not too long before her death, Misao suspected Saotome of posting the mushy romantic text she sent to Tohma and as such remained angry with her.


Indirectly caused Misao's death and as such, she is one of Misao's most hated relationships. She frequently bullied and tormented her, with Misao suspecting it had been because she was in love with Tohma as well and could bully someone who wouldn't try to stand up to her. She blackmailed a student into raping Misao.


One of Misao's longer relationships, as they knew each other since they were children. Growing up they appeared to be close, with Misao dependant on him until they started to get older when he started avoiding her after being teased by other male students. After he told her off she stopped speaking to him. He is heavily remorseful over his actions and regrets being unable to be there for Misao.


Like many girls, Misao had a big crush on him and was very happy when he seemed to reciprocate her feelings. As such she only shows a Yandere side around him and this is after death. She was expecting Aki to kill him so that she could be with him. Although it appeared Tohma was mainly leading her on, he was never mean or rude to her, and he was very remorseful once he learned what happened to her with Aki.

Mr. SohtaEdit

The students adored him because of his kindness and looks, but due to his own past he had become an unstable man. They have very similiar backgrounds and due to this, he was attracted to Misao- although he didn't directly say this. She didn't reciprocate.