"Buuut... I came to talk to you today 'cause I have a favor to ask!"

Series Makoto Mobius

Mikio is a girl who appears in Makoto Mobius. A game made using RPGMaker by Charon about a boy enlisted to help save a classmate, Makoto, from the Mobius curse; only to learn a lesson about tampering with the past and how it effects the future.



Mikio is fair-skinned with a curvy frame and gentle expression. She has emerald eyes and hair pulled into a thin ponytail held with a large gold bow. Her bangs are split into separate parts, and her forelocks are kept loose.

She was depicted wearing a white shirt beneath a rose-colored tank top, along with denim shorts and black knee-length socks.


Outwardly Mikio appears average and kind, but deep down she is heavily depressed over the loss of Makoto, suffering a huge amount of grief. She is manipulative and appears to be a lot smarter than she acts- choosing to keep out specific details in the information she gives others. She only cares about Makoto. 


Not much is known about Mikio or her past. She reveals to Watarou that she has the ability to travel to certain points of time with the use of Mobius Strip she made. It is implied early in the game that she (and possibly Makoto) have tried to use it several times.


In several situations, Mikio has known about someone needing to die in Makoto's place for her live. However, unlike most Yandere she did not intentionally or directly cause anyone's death.

Watarou - Ultimately she is the cause of his death in several routes. In one she indirectly causes Makoto to kill him to retaliate for her suicide, and in another he kills himself for Makoto's sake.

In another route, if Watarou is unable to kill anyone in the allotted time frame or kills Makoto, Mikio hits him over the head with a blunt object and kills Watarou, demanding that he tries again before deciding to use her next Mobius to kill him at the start. 

Makoto - She indirectly kills her after Watarou kills Makoto's father to save her. Heartbroken and lonely, Makoto slowly appeared to return to normal, but confronted Makoto days later and tells him off before killing herself. In another route, Watarou stabs Makoto to death as she awakens to see him, realizing there is no way to save her, she thanks him and confesses how she feels.

Watarou's Mother - In one path she incidentally seals her fate. During the past Watarou turned on the gas stove in the kitchen and nobody dies the day Makoto did. But as he makes his way home he finds his home ablaze with his mother inside.


Watarou - She acted kindly to him to lure him into her plans of saving Makoto with the use of the Moebius. She holds a grudge against Watarou after witnessing Makoto speak to him about something before her death. In the True Ending, neither girl cared much that he died. 

Makoto - her best friend. When she was suddenly killed, her mentality was broken over the loss and she began to plot how to get her back. It is heavily implied she is a Yandere for Makoto, fawning over her through several points in the game and affectionately calling her 'Mako'.


In one route Watarou calls Mikio to inform her that someone has to die in Makoto's place to allow her to live, finding this out and not taking action himself. She then kills herself to 'fix things' unaware that Makoto would kill Watarou as a result. 



  • In one bad ending, it is implied that Mikio is controlling everything within the game.