Miina Ayasaki
Occupation Cosplayer, Student, Idol
Weapon Knife
Series Miinasan, Kakkee Desu! -Love Icha Doukyo Seikatsu no Susume-
Voice Actress Shiina Amane

Miina Ayasaki is the main character of Miinasan, Kakkee Desu! -Love Icha Doukyo Seikatsu no Susume-, a game about Miina and her lover, Yuusaku, who decide to move in together and have to deal with drama from not only their neighbors, but love rivals and classmates. Will their strong love for one another be enough?



Miina has a fair complexion and a thin, developed body. Her eyes are garnet, and her long pale brunette hair consists of a very small "tent" on top of her head where a single, very long strand sticks out, uneven bangs, and thin curled forelocks going to the bottom of her chest. She wears a white double ribbon with a pink flower sewn in the center.

She is normally depicted in white and has no problem with fanservice or fetish-based attire.


Miina is a refined and smart teenager who appears naive and innocent, due to being sheltered. She adores her boyfriend and has become possessive over him whenever she worries someone else may be trying to make a move on him or tear them apart.

She is highly refined and enjoys general homemaker activities; such as cleaning and cooking. She idealizes romance and the general things she has been led to believe come with it.


Miina is a very sheltered and wealthy young girl.



Yuusaku Enoki - A smart college boy who connected with Miina and fell for her, just as she had him. While he loves her and isn't a bad person, he is unable to resist cheating on her.

Myuu Asane - One of Miina's close friends. While she doesn't trust Yuusaku and believes Miina rushed into a relationship, she doesn't resist him if he tries to make a pass at her.

Reimi Himiya - Another yandere who is obsessed with Yuusaku and as such doesn't like Miina.

Ayaka Hoshino - After taking a liking to both Yuusaku and Miina she moves in with them. She is a fellow Idol.

Usako Kiryuu - Miina's childhood friend. She moves in with them as well and treats Yuusaku as an older brother.

Nobuyo Ayasaki - Miina's mother who encourages and supports her daughters relationship with Yuusaku.


A knife.



  • She knows how to play an electric guitar.
  • She likes swimming.
  • She resembles Michiru, another Yandere character.
    • Both have names beginning with mi.
    • Both girls have long brown hair worn in the same style.
    • Both wear a white hair ornament.
    • Their school uniforms are very similar.