Mia Touma
Occupation School Student
Weapon Magic, Justy (Bow)
Series Dual Saviors Destiny

Mia Touma is one of the girls who appears in an RPG game bordering on Visual Novel known as Dual Saviors Destiny. A game about a girl and brother sucked into an alternate world and are given the chance to become its saviors from destruction.



Mia has a fair complexion with Tsurime-style black eyes and dark grey hair worn loose with split, tented bangs. She normally wears her beige and red school uniform.


Mia is a very sweet and kind girl who appears cute and gentle to others. But in reality this is a front for her true, petty and combative personality. She is clingy over her half-brother to the point her world only revolves around him and she has no problem harassing others or resorting to underhanded tactics if it means getting rid of anyone else who likes him. In times of worry or an attempt to hide this, she will switch to speaking in third-person, and when aware of bad things she may go silent entirely.

Due to her insane jealousy towards other girls she makes no attempts at befriending them and appears to be outright hostile.

Her mean personality remains for the rest of the game once the brain washing wears off.


Back when she was younger a group of boys attempted to rape her after school ended. Taiga came to her rescue and she's admired him since.


Taiga -  She will use something while he sleeps to let her rape him in his dreams.

Lily - Knowing Lily was about to take a petrification potion, she says nothing and lets her use it. Then she leaves her to die in this state when she noticed Taiga's scent on her.


Mia has gained magic abilities since being brought to the new world in the game. However, as she is not a natural born there, she isn't regarded as being talented or very useful with it.

She also has an anchient bow she uses to aid her.


Taiga - Mia's half-brother who she fell in love with after being saved by him. She wishes to go back home but only stays and puts up with this new world to be at his side, however, this causes her to get so angry that she betrays him and switches to the side of evil in hopes of ridding of those who are in her way. While aware of his desire to obtain a Harem she really has no problem ridding of other girls by spreading rumors of his old ways or causing them grief.

Lily - A tsundere she often bickers with. She despises Lily for getting close to her brother- so much more than everyone else that she is perfectly willing to let her die.