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Meguri Minose
Weapon Cooking Knife
Series Eroge Shiyou yo!
Voice Actress Kinohara Sayaka

Meguri Minose is a character from the game Eroge Shiyou Yo!



Meguri has fair skin and sharp, hosome-style blue eyes. Her long white hair is worn in low twin-tails held by small, pale colored ribbon. Her spiked bangs frame her face, held with a yellow clip on one side, and a paw print clip on the other. Around her neck is a dog collar with a leash hanging from it.

Her attire is fairly simple, composed of a white tank-top accent by skirts and a pair of sports shoes.  


Initially stoic and a loner-type with a moody nature, Meguri is actually a weird otaku. She thinks she is a dog and insists on being treated like one. She relishes in the idea of being a Yandere and has an obsession with them, playing games with them in hopes of honing her own future Yandere skills and preparing for the day that side of her comes out.

Due to her oddities, Meguri usually struggles when it comes to dealing with others and is unable to hold conversation for very long.




Mawaru Minose & Yuyuka Minose - Her older twin sisters who act like her in that they are outwardly cool but are actually very weird. They get along fine.

Daiki Takatou -  The protagonist of the game that Meguri believes she is in love with.


As a cook, Meguri often sharpens her favorite, trusty cooking knife in hopes of one day using it to fight with.