"Will you dye Mayu in your color, oo-san? Come on, hurry…"

Mayu Sakuma
Mayu SS
Age 16
Birthday September 7th
Occupation Model (former)


Weapon Ribbons (Theorized)
Series Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls
Voice Actress Yui Makino

Mayu Sakuma is one of the Cute-type Idols from Idol M@ster Cinderella GirlsShe has an episode of the anime dedicated to her and several cards in the Game. Since being made she has become one of the "Master Collection" Idols from the series.



Mayu is a teenager with a petite, but curvy frame. She has a relaxed expression with low drooping, dark teal eyes, and medium-length pale brown hair curled on her shoulders with straight cut bangs. 

Mayu's attire frequently changes, as both a former model and current Idol. Her outfits are normally depicted to be frilly with ribbons and heart accessories, often coming in shades of pink. Her normal hair accessory is a ribbon, often attached to a headband to match the ribbon she ties somewhere on her body.


Other Idols note that Mayu is compassionate and very friendly. She is helpful and sweet and genuinely appears a normal, if highly determined teenager. She believes in romantic things, including the red string of fate', and is shown to be fairly talented with feminine things and often lost in fantasy.

However, this is revealed to be nothing more than a mask of sanity, and the very second the Producer is brought up or makes an appearance her entirely personality makes a complete flip. She remains sweet and feminine- but puts her talents to poor use by stalking the Producer, making sure to track their every movement and action, and breaking several boundaries to be near them; from breaking into their home, their car, the other side of the hot springs- all to get even a small peak at them. 

Many Idols or people are unaware of her sudden change though, with only those truly savvy capable of realizing how dangerous she may be suddenly. She can become tempermental if she doesn't get enough attention or if someone should try to interfere her time with the Producer, and she often makes passive-aggressive threats if she feels necessary.

She is also very stealthy, often coming and going without much notice unless she wants to be seen; although she likes to remind the Producer of this. She has little patience with them and often demands they proclaim their love for her. She is also not good with rejection.


Mayu was a model unil her eyes laid upon the Producer after running into them. She quit on the spot and quickly took up Idoling to get the Producer's attention and make them only focus on her.

It is said her hobbies are knitting and cooking, but its implied that these may be written in by the "staff" to cover up her stalking- which she normally invests all of her time doing.


Producer - Mayu is heavily obsessed with the Producer and collects anything of theirs personally that she can get her hands on. In the Drama CDs the Producer is aware of her Yandere nature and tries to gently handle her. She has no shame with exposing herself to the Producer or attempting to beckon them, as visible from her images. In the anime it was teased that she was in love with the Producer, but it was later revealed that she likes their co-worker instead. 

Other Idols - Most of the Idols seem not to mind Mayu, finding her cute, if a bit weird. The more savvy Idols are quite aware of how dangerous she can be and keep their distance or try to diffuse any possible issues.


The ribbons Mayu normally wears are depicted by fandom to strangle other Idols or tie and bind the Producer. However, she has not been officially shown acting violently outside of implications and during her Drama CD- in which she sounded as though she was getting close to resorting to Murder until being calmed.


"Please, don't ever leave Mayu alone."

"This ribbon will always connect you and Mayu, oo-san…"

"oo-san’s working figure, is just so very charming…"

"Do you like me? Do you like me? Do you like me?"


  • Her image color is Vivid Pink.
  • Her official sizes are 78-54-80
  • She is an only child.
  • Her modeling career was for a Lolita Magazine.
  • Her image songs are Everyday Dream, My Sweet Honeymoon, and Aikurushii (Charming), which she sung with another Idol.
    • She also covered the song "Dare Yori Suki Nano ni" (Even When I Love You More Than Anyone Else).
  • She normally speaks in third-person, but when she stops it is a sign she is slipping into Yandere territory.
  • She references the series Mirai Nikki a few times on her Drama CD.
  • Her favorite items are any pictures featuring her with the Producer.
  • She is in the unit Masque:Rade in Starlight Stage, along with Karen Hojo, Miho Kohinata, Rina Tada, and Chieri Ogata.