Mary 8418
Weapon Palette Knife
Series Ib

Mary is a young girl found by the main characters in Ib. A game by Kouri about a girl who finds herself in a surreal world of paintings that must find a way out while protecting the rose linked to her life.



Mary has long wavy blonde hair and large blue eyes. She wears a dull green outfit.


Cheerful and friendly, Mary displays a sweet and playful personality full of curiosity. She is a bit air-headed, in that she doesn't really pay things much attention when she should, causing problems for others. She is talkative and seems to genuinely mean well, but is very lonely and longs for friendship. At first, while they are aware that she seems to be a bit "off",  they do not question it. She loves candy.

As the Game goes on, her friendly personality is slowly dropped for one of a hell-bent psychopath causing destruction and becoming clingy over Ib. While she is desperate for the life of a real girl, she will only resort to violence if angered enough.


Mary appears to be a normal girl like Ib who was thrown into this strange new world. She agrees to help Garry and Ib find their way out after Ib offers her to join them after they notice she also owns a life rose.


Garry - If angered enough she will kill him in the course of the game.

Ib - In most of the endings she causes her to go insane, and is prone to threatening or attacking her at the drop of the hat.


In one or two of the games endings she is killed by Garry and Ib.


At one point in the game she attacks the main characters using a Palette Knife.


Ib - At first she wished to be her friend and seems to really like Ib. But when she fears Ib will leave her, she goes into a homicidal rage.

Garry - She hates him and attempts to rid of him, through death or other means several times.