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Maria Kujou
Occupation School Student

Student Council President

Series Yandere na Kanojo ni Shinu hodo Tsukusareru ~Jusei sasete? Anata no Seishi Hitorijime ni shite Dare ni mo Watasanai~

Maria Kujou is the main character of Yandere na Kanojo ni Shinu hodo Tsukusareru ~Jusei sasete? Anata no Seishi Hitorijime ni shite Dare ni mo Watasanai~. A visual novel about a girl obsessed with her childhood friend and having his child.



Maria has a fair complexion with feminine, bright violet eyes and long, dull teal hair. Her straight cut bangs are parted at the center, with her forelocks reaching just past her chin. She wears butterfly accessories connected to two beaded chains each. She has a very developed figure with a noticeable large chest. 

Normally Maria is found in a white and black school outfit worn beneath a dull jacket accented with gold and a red string bow-tie.


Refined and seemingly perfect, Maria has the skills to make someone very happy as a housewife and she is well-aware of it. Her wit, skills, and good looks make her highly popular around school. Despite this, she only dreams of Atsushi and being his wife.

Through the course of the game, her possessive nature rears its ugly head.


Life was perfect for Maria, growing up with her beloved childhood friend and always standing by his side. But in reality she has always had a somewhat questionable mental state. After catching a classmate confess to him, she quickly sees to it that he wouldn't leave her.


Atsushi Takahashi - Rapes him during the story.


Atsushi Takahashi - A kind and reserved young man she has known since they were little. Her obsessive love of him grew over the years until it eventually caused her to lash out. At some point she also gets pregnant with his child.

Miku Kamiya - The girl who confesses to Atsushi. She is known for being energetic and friendly towards others.