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Lia Parapara Leazas
Lia Other
Occupation Princess

Queen (Kichikuou Rance)

Series Rance
Voice Actress Moka Choko

Lia Parapara Leazas is one of the main characters of the Rance series. A visual novel about a power hungry male who takes advantage of his power by dominating over others or having sex with women.



Lia has a fair complexion with large blue eyes. Her long blue hair is accented with a gold ornament sticking out in three sections on each side of her head. She has a youthful and sweet, childish appearance.

Lia normally wears a frilly white dress accented with gold pieces and dull brown accents, along with opera gloves, a large gold ornate necklace, and a pair of thigh high boots.

In Kichikuou Rance, Lia appears to be a young adult with a larger gown and more gold accessory adorned with gems. The brown accent seems gone, while her hair ornament is slightly different. She also gains thin forelocks and a pair of earrings.


Despite her childish innocence in appearance, Lia is anything but. As royalty she treats other people poorly, using them for her own amusement and sees nothing wrong with that. She is devious at times but is entirely devoted to Rance and has no problem trying to make him only hers or ridding of competition.




Rance - A violent and greedy warrior who does what he wants. After he took her virginity, Lia became devoted to being only his; although he doesn't seem to like or love her despite giving him as much as power as he requests and nursing him back to health. 

Maris Amaryllis - Maid and personal secretary of Lia's family, she cares about securing her happiness and will do what it takes to achieve that. Despite hating Rance, she does serve under him for Lia's sake.

Julia Lindum - Lia's close friend who became part of the royal guard because of this and her families name. She is idiotic and carefree, but Lia cares for her.

Maria Custard - An engineer who harbors feelings for Rance and dislikes that he married Lia over Sill, his personal slave and companion. Due to this, she uses his new position to provide funds for her work.