Kotonoha Katsura
Birthday January 4th
Occupation Student
Weapon Box Cutter
Series School Days
Voice Actress Tae Okajima

Kotonoha Katsura is one of the main characters of School Days, a hentai-series of Dating Sim/Otome Game, anime, manga, and novels. The series is infamous for having several ending routes and gory deaths.

Since being created she has become a trademark Yandere character and is very popular among fans as someone easy to sympathize with.



Kotonoha is a slender and noticeably buxom girl with a fair complexion and long, dull purple hair worn loose with eye-length bangs and forelocks reaching her chest. Her eyes are purple.

Normally Kotonha is depicted in the dark-colored school uniform. As a feminine girl of wealth, her clothing appears to be a little fancy at times. She can normally be found in dresses or dark colored casual clothing.


Kotonoha is a talened girl who is fairly studious and formal, covering her fragile and defensive mentality to the point of being reserved and awkward around others. She struggles to trust others, although she is very lonely, because boys lust after her body while girls ignore or bully her due to their own jealousy.

Initially Kotonoha is terrified of males and prefers to go slow with her relationships. But once she latches on she can become extremely clingy and go to the person for comfort. She will do whatever she can to please them; which if given into desperation can reach unhealthy levels- such as begging, pushing herself past her comfort zone, promise of sexual favors, or blackmailing the person if they anger her. She is also a pushover and extremely willing to forgive those she loves, no matter what they do.

While generally nice and friendly once she is able to open to someone, if she feels hurt enough she can be harshly stubborn and uncaring towards them. She would also resort to manipulating them with her body, and depending on the route may grow to have an interest in sex.


All sources of the series start with Kotonoha as the unknowing target of Makoto's affections. After Sekai, a classmate finds out she offered to help hook them up and gets to know both of them until she manages to convince Makoto to ask her out. Once he did, Kotonoha gratefully accepts.


Makoto finds himself bored after they date for a while due to a lack of sexual encounters and found himself cheating on her with anyone willing to please him, or Sekai when she offered or if he forced himself on her. After Kotonoha found this out he dumped her after being confronted.


In the Manga, Makoto spent more time with Sekai after hooking up with Kotonoha and began to grow distant from her. He eventually would go on to confess how he feels with Sekai and Kotonoha agrees to let them date, but by this point their deceit has caused her mental state to suffer.


Kotonoha's best known weapon is a box cutter she finds after going to visit Makoto. She breaks down outside of his door while watching him have sex with Sekai and happens to spot the box cutter, taking it and leaving. She is shown using it in the Bloody Ending and a few other instances, even casually playing with it while confiding in Sekai in another route.

Besides this, she has been shown using a Kunai, a golf-club (non fatal), and a crowbar in spin-off material.


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Parents - While her parents expect a lot of her, they are also kind and understanding. Her father is overly protective of her, while her Mother attempts to encourage her to break out of her shell and to be more feminine when it comes to boys. They are often gone from home due to work.

Makoto - At first she struggled to get closer to him, due to being frightened by males. Until he confesses to her, she kept a distance and prefered to keep their relationship slow. She is highly faithful to him and always chooses him over her own dignity or decisions, to the point of forcing herself to do things to please him due to her dependance on him. She will become very tempermental and desperate if he dumps her.

In all of the Media, Makoto was shown earnestly loving Kotonoha and was very happy to be dating her. But depending on the players choices he can end up acting like his manga and anime counterparts, in which he grew bored with their lack of sex and began to go elsewhere. While he does end up being remorseful for his actions, he usually makes up for them in bad ways, resulting in the various endings of the Game, Anime, and Manga. 

Sekai - Their friendship was genuine and Kotonoha was quick to start confiding in her. They were shown to be close, but their friendship deteriorates over the course of all media forms, either because Sekai betrays her to be with Makoto, or because Sekai attempts to keep distance from them.

Depending on the Players choices or media, they can remain good friends, try to kill each other, or even date Makoto together in a threesome.


Kotonoha can suffer several casualties in the series.


  • Forever - Kotonoha continuously provided sexual favors to Makoto but he realizes he loves Sekai. During the school event a tape of them having sex was shown and he dumps her on the spot in front of other students. Broken and betrayed, she heads to his place and sat on his roof until Makoto and Sekai arrive later that day. To their horror they watch as she throws herself off of the roof to land head first into the ground to punish them, causing them to stop seeing each other and grow apart. While they still rarely ran into each other, neither of them were able to get past it and remained on poor terms.
  • Pushed Too Far - While standing with Makoto by the train area, she is killed by an insane Sekai, who pushes her right in front of the approaching train. Makoto attempts to hold her but is left with her dismembered arm, staring in shock as Sekai bursts into laughter and nearby witnesses panic.
  • Innocent Evening Sun - Hit by a train after she and Sekai got into a fight on the tracks when Sekai pushed her onto them and Kotonoha pulled her down with her.
  • News Story - Makoto and Sekai walk together with their friends when they bring up not seeing Kotonoha for some time, while neither girl was close to her, they are highly concerned and wonder if the corpse found in an alleyway recently may have been hers. They grow further worried, noticing Makoto and Sekai's strange behavior and it is implied they had something to do with it.


The anime ended with Kotonoha decapitating Makoto and killing Sekai. She then goes on her family boat over a large body of water with his head in her arms. Given her delusional behavior and the ending narration of "three people" vanishing from school, it is implied she eventually died or vanished.


After she finds out Makoto and Sekai were dating each other behind her back Makoto formally breaks up with her and they both apologize. She forgives them but afterwards realizes Sekai can't be trusted and with her broken mentality she plots to kill her. In her attempt to do this she incidentally attacked Makoto and sent him to the Hospital, but while he was recovering, Sekai attacks her in her own home while her guard was down. Makoto finds this out after Kokoro calls him to reveal she found the body.


  • "Makoto-kun, Help Me!" - Her final words in the manga, quoted by Sekai.


  • She is horrible at cooking, but her mom taught her to make warm lemonade.
  • She enjoys reading, art, and horror movies.
  • She studies laido.
  • In a novelization based on the infamous "Bloody Conclusion" ending, it was said that Kotonoha had her first menarche in fifth grade.
  • Her voice actress also provided voices for the Aloot personality in Articial Academy, a game where a personality characters can have is Yandere.
    • Sekai's voice actress was also involved in this.
  • Kotonoha is the only character in School Days to commit suicide.
    • She is also the only girl original girl with long hair that was not worn up.