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Koharu Mimasaka
Occupation Miko
Series Oni Uta
Voice Actress Asari

Koharu Mimasaka is one of the main characters of Oni Uta and its sequel game. A game about a young man who is killed and brought back to life after he attempts to stop a burglary. In return, the girl who brings him back to life decides to make him take care of her, causing conflict between him and the girls he is close to.



Koharu resembles her brother and is regarded for her good looks. She has fair skin and large, violet eyes. Her long black hair is worn with a thin white ribbon with a bow on each side of the head. 

Koharu is normally shown in a white and grey school uniform or her miko attire.


Despite being the older sister Koharu is completely useless and is well-aware of that. She can be clumsy and air-headed at times and is highly dependant on her brother, Akito, for essentially everything. She is childish by default and highly spoiled, and as a result expects Akito's attention to only be on her- so she will not tolerate seeing him interact with others.

Eventually Koharu realizes that in order to win Akito's true affection she should grow up, so she focuses on being more reliable.




Akito Mimasaka - Her older brother who has earned her entire devotion and obsession. She tries improving herself for only his sake, and he is unable to resist spoiling her; even if he complains about it. He cares for her greatly.

Ayako - A long-time friend of the Mimasaka siblings and Koharu's best friend. Despite turning down Akito's feelings she is heavily perverted around him.

Himeka - The mysterious girl who brings Akito back to life and demands he makes it up to her since she nearly used all of her power to do so. Despite having similarities with Koharu they often bicker because they both demand Akito's attention.