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Kanna Totomi

Kanji 尊海 神無
Weapon Kitchen Knife
Series My Harem Heaven is Yandere Hell
Voice Actress Isomura Tomomi

Kanna Totomi is one of the characters from My Harem Heaven is Yandere Hell. A game about a young man learning that his childhood friends may not be the same people they were years ago as they work hard to prepare for the school festival to save their club.


Kanna is the stoic president of the ReRe Club and class representative. With her parents always away she has taken up Video Games as a hobby and suggests a Mascot-themed Cafe for the upcoming school festival.  


Kanna has a fair complexion and is noted for being tall, but having "flat plains" for a chest. She has vibrant blue Tsurime eyes and long, straightened black hair reminiscent of a hime cut.

She is normally found in her school uniform, and a casual outfit composed of a pale beige top with grey lining and a black skirt. She wears tights with her uniform.


At school and in public Kanna has the image of rational and maturity. She is usually cool-minded and quick to stand up for important causes, so she is admired for her ability to pull others together and get things done when its important. She can be clever and has a surprising side reserved for teasing others or pulling pranks on those she likes or hates.

Many fail to notice that Kanna is very fragile and antisocial. She was never properly taught about human interactions outside of those with her friends, so she is very dependent on them and stresses out when forced to interact with others or do what is expected of her at school. She can't handle herself very well but puts up a facade until she can be alone, in which she's likely to take shelter wherever she can find it to get away from the source causing her anxieties. She is very blunt with her opinions and words because she earnestly doesn't know any better. She is also absent-minded, and because of her video game obsession she frequently brings them up numerous times and make references to them when possible. She has even come to view herself as a pet and how she wants to "trigger event flags". She has a habit of slipping into third-person.


Kanna's Storyline


She uses a kitchen knife.


Kayako Yuzuki and her sister - On her route she is outed as Kayoko's murderer. She kills Kayako's sister in self-defense.  

Sayuri, Shizuka, and Haruka - Besides being killed at various points in her route, the true ending reveals they were killed shortly before Yuuya confronts her.  

Yuuya - At one point on Sayuri's route, Yuuya is given the option to pacify her and claim that he loves her when an irritated Haruka and Kanna confront her. Later, Haruka and Kanna approach him in the club room and before he can explain doing this intentionally, they kill him feeling betrayed.


Yuuya - He admires Kanna as his older senpai and knowing how much she's grown up since they were younger. But he is also her frequent prank target and wishes she would put her wiser side to good use, and is always ready to help calm her down when she gets stressed out. She tends to only show her warmer side around him.

Haruka - Kanna enjoys messing with her and they often bicker, but they also agree on a lot of things and can work together when necessary; especially if it involves Yuuya.

Sayuri - They get along due to being on the mature and calm side- unless Yuuya is involved, in which she has no problem tossing aside friend ethics if she feels their trust was abused. Over the course of the game they grow distant to each other. She was the only one aware of Sayuri's mental instability and blames herself for not saying anything before things got out of hand on her route.

Kayako - She didn't like her but her opinions of her didn't seem as strong as the other girls.

Parents - Kanna is heavily neglected by her parents, since neither of them actually wanted a child. They're rarely at home, and when they are they just ignore her. 


She is killed in one of Sayuri's bad endings. When Sayuri feels threatened by Yuuya's distance and believes he is being manipulated by them, she heads to their class and kills them -along with Shizuka- as the students begin freaking out and alert Yuuya.



  • Kanna is the only love interest in the game with realistic hair and eye colors.
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