Kanna Totomi
Kanji 尊海 神無
Weapon Kitchen Knife
Series My Harem Heaven is Yandere Hell
Voice Actress Isomura Tomomi

Kanna Totomi is one of the characters from My Harem Heaven is Yandere Hell. A game about a young man learning that his childhood friends may not be the same people they were years ago as they work hard to prepare for the school festival to save their club.


Kanna is the stoic present of the Club the main cast is in. She is naturally antisocial and lonely due to her parents being away and has taken up video games as a hobby.


Kanna has a fair complexion with blue Tsurime eyes and long straightened black hair reminiscent of a hime cut, but with longer forelocks. She is taller than Sayuri and Haruka, but has a "flat plains" body.

She normally wears the school uniform, while her casual attire consists of a pale beige shirt with grey lining and a black skirt.

When younger, Kanna wore her hair short and wore a black dress with a white top under it.


Kanna comes off as a rational and cool-minded type because of her responsibilities at school and appearance. She is mature and will not hesitate to bluntly point out the truth or critisize someone, however, this perfect personality often results in her hiding away due to her true, antisocial nature and lack of people skills. She is unable to gracefully handle herself unless she has no choice. In reality, Kanna is actually an absent-minded and spacey type who enjoys playing pranks on those she likes, or someone who upset her. She is a major fan of video games and often refers to them during every day, even slipping into third person mannerisms while treating herself like a pet at different points, or how certain things are "event flags".

Despite that she is smart enough to put her wiser mentality to use. She can also be manipulative, but only when encouraged by pettiness or jealousy. 


Kanna's Storyline


She uses an average kitchen knife.


Kayako Yuzuki - During her route, she will be outed as Kayako's murderer after witnessing her kiss Yuuya prior to a big event.

Yuuya - In Sayuri's route, if Yuuya tries to pacify Sayuri by lying and claiming to love her. Feeling betrayed, Kanna and Haruka will confront him in the club room and kill him before he can explain the truth.


Yuuya - As his older senpai, she is admired by Yuuya for her brilliance, however, he is also her prank target so he uses she would put her professional side to good use. She tends to only show a slightly warm and friendly side towards him.

Haruka - Both girls have a mutual partnership and friendship when it comes to Yuuya, but at the same time Kanna enjoys messing with her. They often bicker, but they also agree on most things.

Sayuri - They get along due to being outwardly mature and calm unless Yuuya is involved. She has no issue betraying friend ethics if she feels their trust has been broken, and she grows distant with her over the course of the game. Late on Sayuri's route it is revealed that she feels responsible for everything because she enabled Sayuri's mental issues by not saying anything when she saw them in the past.

Kayako - She didn't like her, although her opinions weren't as strong as Sayuri and Haruka's.

Parents - Kanna is heavily neglected by her parents, since neither of them actually wanted a child. As a result they're often away from home, and when they are there they simply ignore her.


She is killed in one of Sayuri's bad endings. When Sayuri feels threatened by Yuuya's distance and believes he is being manipulated by them, she heads to their class and kills them, along with Shizuka, using her scissors as other students freak out and alert Yuuya.



  • Out of the three main girls, Kanna is the only one to wear tights with the school uniform.
  • Kanna is the only girl with both a realistic hair and eye color.