Occupation Student Of Lastation School for Girls
Weapon Gun
Series Neptunia
Voice Actress Rina Hidaka (Japanese)

Abby Lee Trot (English)

K-Sha is a new character introduced in Megadimension Neptunia VII. She is part of a group known as the Gold Third.



K-Sha appears proper and feminine with a fair complexion and wide, teal eyes. Her long, dark silver hair appears to resemble a chest length hime-cut with braided forelocks rather than straightened, worn with a crimson headband. In her Gold Form she gains an eye patch and hat. When she shows her "other" personality, she has sharp, slanted eyes.

She wears an outfit reminiscent of a school uniform, composed of a short grey dress with large buttons and a pleat miniskirt over a white petticoat. A thick black belt rests beneath her waist with a large gold buckle. Over this is a crimson and white dress held with a pale orange and gold petal bow adorned with a gold and crimson K. Small gold badges are sewn to the lower left of the skirt. Her white boots have a dark grey strip at the toe and crimson string, and are worn with dark grey tube socks. On her wrist is a black bracelet with a crimson and white accessory depicting a K on it.


K-Sha is shown having a split personality. Her normal self appears gentle and perfect, with a love of music and rhythm games, and because of her talents academically and in sports, she is highly respected and has several boys admiring her. She can be a little spoiled, but is genuinely kind.

However, the second she picks up a gun she reveals her "other self"- a violent and serious blood fanatic with a vast knowledge in military terms and conditions.

K-Sha is also obsessed with Noire and shows a crazier, fangirling side around her. She tends to worry over their relationship (or lack therof) and fears it might be threatened by others, resorting to drastic measures to keep Noire's attention.



Having been raised by The Order, K-Sha defected after realizing they were only waging war for fun and profit. They continue to harass her now in an attempt to make her return.


Like the other members, K-Sha was once a Maker, one who serves their own role in whatever Landmass they are from with a standing higher than normal citizens, but lower than the Goddesses.

After locating the Golden Summit they obtained powers beyond their wildest dreams. With history being rewritten, they became the leaders of the four Landmasses after defeating their respective leaders, with K-Sha ruling Lastation. Unlike the other girls, she initially just wanted to remain a normal girl, perfectly happy with her every day life until realizing how badly it was being ruined. 


Uni - She attempted to kill her after having her feelings manipulated.


Noire - The original Goddess of Lastation. She respects and admires her, with a blantant crush on her. She is clingy and enjoys when they get time to bond- even if that means stripping her while she's unconcious to tend to an injury. She wants Noire's attention only on herself.

Uni - Noire's little sister who she sometimes frets to be in the way. She has a tendency to scare her, whether she means to or not. However, they also bond over their prefered weapon, the Gun.


K-Sha uses a gun. Whenever she is in possesion of one, she entirely takes on a whole new personality.



  • She is based on the company Konami.
  • Her personality is a composed from two characters from a spin-off game, Hyperdevotion Noire Goddess Black Heart. This being Saori, a gentle and love obsessed girl based on Tokimeki Memorial, and Lid, a military girl based on the Metal Gear Solid series.