Iori Nanamiya
Kanji 七宮伊織
Occupation Miko
Weapon Katana
Series Yandere No Onna No Ko
Voice Actress Hiromi Konno
Iori Nanamiya is one of the girls available from Yandere No Onna No Ko in the second CD.



Iori is a well-endowed girl with big, gentle chocolate-brown eyes and long flowing black hair. Her forelocks surpass her chest bound with purple tubes lined in frills, and her bangs messily frame her face. As a Miko she wears the traditional robes.


Iori is a kind girl who appears gentle and delicate. However, her religious beliefs and role cause her to be strict with herself and others. She is also sheltered from the outside world, which caused her much confusion as she began to develop feelings for the Protagonist.

She tries very hard to be kind while remaining faithful- but after choosing to devote herself to the Protagonist she enters a state of constant turmoil.


A god-worshiping Miko who fell for the Protagonist after meeting him. Swayed by his gender and her love for him, she began to worship him as her new god.

At first things went well as they began to date, until witnessing how close he is with Sakuya Ayanokouji. Fearing she has been tained by turning her back to God, she desperately tries restoring things to the way they once were the only way she knows how to...


Iori uses her "blessed Katana" to strike others down and "purify" them.


Protagonist - After burning the hex and killing Sakuya, Iori takes the Protagonist hostage while recalling what led to her doing this. She explains her plans of "sending him to God" despite his protests and desperation to escape, and mentions that she will join him afterwards before killing him.

Sakuya - Jealous and emotional after realizing how close the Protagonist was with Sakuya, she placed a hex on her that would cause her pain whenever she felt it. Then after being pushed to her limit she burned the hex, causing her to die from a heart attack.


Protagonist - Due to being so sheltered, she fell for the charm and kindness the Protagonist held upon meeting him and passed out. They quickly formed a relationship but she struggled to maintain it after fearing she betrayed God to be with someone who may not have been faithful.

Sakuya Ayanokouji - Due to the Protagonist having a really close bond with her, Iori is highly jealous of her. It was her relationship with the Protagonist and hearing them using first-name terms that caused her to begin doubting her decision and the anxiety to soon set in.

Yumemi Takanashi - They only interact in Yumemi's route, where Iori is shown to be very envious of her and confronted her.

Death Edit

While it is implied she kills herself in her route, she is also killed in the following routes:


With Yumemi, she approached Sakuya's home in hopes of speaking to her, believing the Protagonist was there. While not killed, she and Yumemi were caught by Sakuya's staff and sent off to be tortured for the remainder of their lives.


Threatened by Yumemi's close bond with the Protagonist, Iori held her Katana and threatened her to stay away. Yumemi refused, believing Iori to be the cause of the Protagonists problems and stabbed her repeatedly when she attempted to harm her. 

Etymology Edit


"And so… as long as I could have you by my side, I thought that I could devote myself entirely to you."



  • Her katana Yomotsu Hirasaka shares it's name with a character from Mirai Nikki.
  • She resembles Shirayuki Hotogi from Aria, The Scarlet Ammo.
    • Both girls are sheltered miko who fall for the protagonist.
    • Both respond the same way to a rival girl and claims to be exorcising the protagonist.
    • They both use a Japanese sword.
  • She is 155cm tall.
  • Her measurements are 92-56-87.
    • This makes her the biggest of the girls from the 2nd CD.
  • Her yandere type is Despairing.
  • She is the first girl in Yandere No Onna No Ko to commit suicide.