"There is a happy ending in Cinderella, right?"

Weapon Sword
Series Yanderella

Hinata is one of the two girls who appear in Yanderella. A game made using RPGMaker by Charon about a boy reuniting with his two good friends from the past and slowly realizing that they have both changed - but not for the better.



Hinata is a young girl with a fair complexion and sapphire eyes and hair, worn in a short, fluffy cut with bangs brushed to the side and a small split on the corner.

She wears a white dress with blue roses sewn beneath the chest, dull indigo material at the arm, and a powder-blue rose design around the bottom.


Hinata appears bubbly and perky with a feminine personality. She can be a bit quiet, but she isn't shy. She has a fantasized view of romance and is obsessed with the Cinderella Fairy Tale, causing her to appear childish and innocently blinded towards everything else.

Later in the game Hinata reveals a ruthless and cruel side. She feels entitled to Yatarou and only returned to get him, showing a spoiled and selfish side.


Back in Elementary school, Hinata and her family left for Tokyo. The game starts with her return home, when her two best friends meet up with her.

After the trio hang out, Yatarou became aware that both of his friends wanted the stuffed toy he won. His decision determines the games ending.


Honoka - Hinata tries to figure out why Yatarou rejects her and shows up at his home the following day when he and Honoka prepare to have sex. She knocks him out, then later claims to be his girlfriend when he wakes up. Before they kiss, Yatarou spots the mutilated body of Honoka on the wall behind them.

Yatarou - After he realizes she killed Honoka he flees into the nearby woods and is chased by Hinata. She manages to catch up with him and starts to hack off his limbs while yelling at him and revealing her jealousy over him choosing Honoka. As he dies, he recalls their promise from the past to realize she wasn't lying.


Yatarou - Like Honoka, she had feelings for him since they were younger. She claims they made a marriage vow before she left and is eager to make it become a reality to receive the happy ending she feels she deserved. It appeared that Yatarou's focus was on Hinata between the two girls, whose bright personality kept the trio going in the past. However, it is also implied that whether he picked her or not she would kill him at some point, believing she had to do it because she feared he would leave her.

Honoka - At first she seemed honestly oblivious towards Honoka's feelings and didn't really acknowledge her whenever she didn't need to. She later reveals she no longer cared about her and was pretending to be friendly until she got what she wanted. She didn't realize Honoka was a threat until she confessed her feelings and she had no problem mocking her for it.


She uses an expensive sword from her home.


Mocking Honoka for her confession, Hinata met up with Yatarou later and they prepared for sex after speaking honestly of their feelings. But before they can start a broken and upset Honoka arrives and quickly knocks Yatarou unconcious.

After Yatarou awakens to find Honoka in bed with him he brought up dreaming that Hinata returned, which she dismissively tries to get his attention on her until he spots a nearby bloody and leaking box nearby. While he sees the contents, it isn't outright stated if she was dismembered, stabbed repeatedly, or cut up in the attack with the bloody scissors Honoka is seen holding before she attacks Yatarou.