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Art-clara 1838.jpg
Occupation Air Pirate
Series Skies of Arcadia

Clara is a character from the game Skies of Arcadia. Unlike most Yandere, her obsessive love is played for laughs rather than horror.



Clara resembles a princess, with long wavy brown hair pulled up into a bun with her tent-style bangs to frame her face. She wears a vibrant pink Princess dress cut down the middle to reveal a white section with red detail and held with several straps. The dress is accented with frills, lace, and raspberry bows. She wears brown boots with blue spheres sewn to them.


Clara is a sweet and friendly stalker. She loves to bake pies for others and tends not to focus very well on anything else besides her current obsession, and can be a bit air-headed. Usually others have a tendency to write her off as a result, not believing her to be a real threat.

However, as a Pirate of the Sky, she is a threat like any other. While not openly violent towards others- if someone tries to lay a hand on her love and harm him, she has no problem opening fire on them or making them pay for it.




Gilder - Her love interest who generally occupies her mind 24/7. She doesn't get clingy or envious when he's with others, and he actually seems to reciprocate her feelings a bit. Its hinted that they both seem to enjoy the chase.