Yandere Girls Wikia
Weapon Axe


Series Fire Emblem Fates
Voice Actress Miyuki Sawashiro (Japan)

Paula Tiso (English)

Camilla is a character from Fire Emblem Fates.



Camilla is fair-skinned with a curvy figure. She has small lavender eyes and long curly purple lavender hair worn with a black accessory. She wears revealing, black and pale gold armor accented with dull purple. 


A graceful woman who is genuinely caring over others; treating them like a younger sibling or acting motherly. She is kind towards her subordinates and loved for this, and she particularly dotes on the Player Character. Her personality is "light", in that she isn't mean-spirited or cold at all.

However, she is also a lady of war and loves to kill or fight. She never does this maliciously though, unless pushed over the edge depending on the Players decisions.

She is feminine and sultry, with a calming, serene nature bordering on whimsical.



She fights using an axe and a tome.


The Player/Avatar - She is extremely protective and clingy over the Player and has no problem admitting it. However she only becomes a Yandere if they choose to join the Hoshido Path - in which she plots to kill them to win the Player back.

Elise - A young girl who is Camilla's little sister. She dyed parts of her hair purple in order to emulate her.

Children - She adores them. As the eldest female in her family she tries to dote on them just as much as the Avatar. She cares for children who were not close to their mothers, abandoned, or neglected.

Hinoka - A Hoshidan princess that she becomes close to in the Neutral Path. They bond over similarities they share in terms of interests.


"We're a real family now. And I love my family more than anything."


  • Camilla slightly resembles Purple Heart from Hyperdimension Neptunia.
    • Both have long lavender hair
    • Both wear revealing, slightly similar black and purple outfits.
    • Both characters are designed on Fanservice.
  • She knows how to sew.
  • Her favorite foods include Milk, Corn, and Wine.