Occupation Goddess
Series Ah! My Goddess
Voice Actress Kikuko Inoue (JP)

Akemi Okamura (JP–Mini-Goddess 1-13)

Yumi Touma (JP–OVA [young])

Mio Shionoiri (JP–Movie [young])

Belldandy is one of the main characters of Ah! My Goddess, a popular, long-running anime and manga series. She is a passive Yandere.



Belldandy has a thin, feminine figure with long, curled pale brown hair pulled into a ponytail. Four, thin long strands of hair stick up and her bangs are brushed to the side. She has pale blue eyes and matching markings on her face. Her normal attire is bright blue and gold with white frilly accenting. 


Belldandy is unconditionally sweet and friendly to anyone. No matter what she is pushed through or forced to do she always puts on a smile and does her best to make others happy. She is warm and polite, and finds amusement in the simplest of things- such as domestic work or singing. Compassionate and gentle, she is unable to lie to others at all and is always honest with them. Her purity is so genuine that it is strong enough to convince others to help her or Keiichi at times.

However, deep down she hides an insecure, sensitive side. She tries to play stoic and calm, but she is also ditzy and a little air-headed, with a very emotional personality. If she believes Keiichi is involved with anyone besides herself, her powers have a tendency to leak out. She grows envious and saddened over her worries and as a result, grows further powerful and tougher in hopes of defending him and getting others to leave him alone. She will even resort to violence with the aid of her magic if it gets bad enough, and later in the series shows a somewhat 'mean' personality and isn't nearly as much of a pushover.



I wanna dieEdit

As a first-class Goddess she has unlimited and very strong magic. She is required to wear a special earring to keep her powers under check, and her angel is Holy Bell. Her element power is wind.


Keiichi Morisato - Bound to him after he accidentally calls for her, she was quick to fall for Keiichi and moved into his home. She fell in love with him before they met in person, having watched him for most of his life. She grows extremely protective over him.

Celestine - Her old mentor and first love. He had no problem manipulating her for his own selfish purposes during the movie, sending in someone to cause havoc in her relationship with Keiichi.

Urd -

Skuld -



  • A single can of Cola can make her drunk.
  • Her hair started out as dark purple.