This page details the many various ways Ayumi Shinozaki from Corpse Party is killed or harmed throughout the series.


  • After escaping the school due to Yoshiki sacrificing himself to save her from the anatomy model, she finds a strange marking on her neck the next day. Terrified, she scrubs and claws at it until she loses conciousness from blood loss.
  • Stubbornly refuses to listen to Yoshiki after sticking her arm into the mouth of a statue, which then bites down on her.
  • Has sacrified herself, usually to have it end up being meaningless.

Other CausesEdit

Corpse PartyEdit

  • Cornered and killed by the anatomy model.
  • After being separated from Yoshiki, the player can locate levers in a nearby classroom that will raise the bridge in the hall. Ayumi will try to get back to Yoshiki, but in her hurry she does not notice the piano wire that was raised. By the time Yoshiki locates her, her body is shown to be cut in half and he shares the same fate moments later.
  • Eaten by Yoshiki while possessed. He momentarily snaps out of it to realize it was his own doing, causing him to mourn as he resumes eating, now possessed by the darkening.
  • Suffocated within darkness.
  • As Yoshiki tries to drain the pool she remains in the locker room. But once he drains the pool and returns, he finds her partially mangled corpse inside the drain.
  • Drowning
  • Found dead by Morishige, who slowly succumbs to the darkening after mourning for her. He begins to wonder what he should bring back of her to her family, settling on her tongue and prepares to cut it out.
  • Killed by the Mayu's angered and evil spirit.
  • Drowned in the girls restroom when it fills with blood.
  • A ghost touches her body, causing it to suddenly corrode and fall apart.
  • Suffocated and crushed by sand.
  • Impaled by a tenticle monster.
  • Killed by a spirit.
  • Slammed repeatedly into Yoshiki until their corpses are reduced to a gory mess.
  • Multilated by several red helms' axes.
  • Decaptitated (in multiple different routes). 
  • Stabbed repeatedly while choking on her own blood.
  • Squished by a wall.
  • Attacked and killed by a corpse.
  • Torn apart by the witch's magic.
  • The witch sends her to a strange world where it appears everyone is alive and well again and she happily embraces this. As this is going on, it is revealed to the player to be a delusion, and she is instead in a dark room surrounded by their corpses.