Ayumi Shinozaki
Kanji あゆみ 篠崎
Age 17
Birthday September 12
Occupation Student

Class Rep

Weapon Scissors
Series Corpse Party
Voice Actress Asami Imai

Ooyama Chiroru (PC ver)

Ayumi Shinozaki is a main characters in the Corpse Party series. A series about a school haunted by vengeful spirits with a raising kill count as the survivors try to escape before they become another casualty.

Ayumi is a route yandere, meaning her yandere personality is only shown depending on the media or various routes in game.


The cheery class rep of 2-9 at Kisaragi Academy, Ayumi takes her job and friendships seriously but her obsession with the occult and love of scaring others is soon turned against her.


Ayumi is a fair-skinned teenage girl with an average frame and short, dull blue hair worn in low pigtails usually over the shoulder. Her thin forelocks are inches shorter, while her long spiked bangs are mostly brushed to the side with the remainder opposite of them. Her eye color matches.

She is normally depicted in the yellow and blue Kisaragi uniform.


The wise and kind-hearted Class Representative often sought out by others for advice or to chat, due to her open-minded and calm nature. She is normally cool-headed and capable of keeping her wits against the odds, but with an interest in things related to horror or the occult, she enjoys teasing others and listening to them scream and panic.

However, she is also prideful and a bit selfish, causing her to make poor decisions and prioritize her honor over the sensible option. She will openly argue with someone if angered.

Deep down Ayumi suffers from low self-esteem and is entirely aware of how weak her true self is. She has built up her outer self to cover up her cowardly personality that appears whenever she begins to get stressed out or panics.


Corpse PartyEdit

With everyone staying after school ends to focus on finishing their festival preparations, the class had been in a somber mood with another classmate revealed to be moving that day. In hopes of making everyone feel better, Ayumi suggested they perform the charm she learned online.  

Blood Drive & Dead PatientEdit

During the events of Blood Drive she is shown suffering heavily for everything she has been put through up to this point. But pulling herself together she becomes the master of The Book of Shadows.

By Dead Patient she is shown to still be alive but is currently in a coma with Yoshiki by her side and everyone else having forgotten her.


Ayumi has not attacked or killed many on her own volition, but rather, was possessed by the darkening or through other means.

Ayumi Shinozaki/Victims


Satoshi Mochida - He is an easy target of hers due to his cowardly personality, but like Naomi she has a massive crush on him because of his kindness. She is devoted to him and always trusts his opinions or decisions, causing her to be somewhat dependant on him. They are unknowingly foils for one-another; with Satoshi being a coward but brave in the face of danger, while she acts composed and brave until put into danger.

Naomi Nakashima - A classmate she genuinely gets along with and can often be found chatting with. They share a few traits, but because they both harbor feelings for Satoshi, they are shown having difficulities during certain situations unless they manage to share him or prioritize other things.

Yuki Kanno - One of the children victims from the Heavenly Host incident. Ayumi attempts to help her and is shown to care for her and the other children, despite knowing they might be dangerous. She is one of the very few they appear to trust.

Yui Shishido - Teacher of class 2-9, Ayumi has a close relationship with her and admires her for being a mature and kind adult. Yui supports Ayumi's feelings but she also believes that due to her influences, she would also be good with Yoshiki. In both the game and manga she sacrifices herself to save Ayumi. In the game she had Ayumi climb up her body to safety after the floor caved in on them, while in the manga she gave Ayumi her paper scrap to keep her safe.

Naho Saenoki - Ayumi admired Naho and looked up to her until later learning in Blood Covered that it was her who posted the modified "Sachiko Ever After" charm and effectively cursed everyone within the school after Ayumi found it. She has since resented Naho for her lack of remorse after confronting her about it.

Hinoe Shinozaki - Her beloved older sister who she also admired. She was heavily traumatized by her death following Hinoe saving her from her own demise.

Yoshiki - Due to everyone judging him, Ayumi shows him true concern and kindness and as such he has a crush on her. She is unaware of this though, and they often bicker, causing her to act rudely towards him. They are unknowingly each others "emotional crutch" and their sanity depends on the other staying out of harms way. As the series went on they grew closer and she is shown giving him more respect and listening to him, so he remains by her side.

Sachiko - She was sought out by her good half in the first game, while her bad half wanted to make her suffer. While she torments everyone in the series, she would eventually became an ally to Ayumi and sacrifices herself to help her.


Ayumi can often be found wielding scissors, but she has also been shown using random objects like burning tools or a pen, or even her own body.


Given the series premise, Ayumi can die in a variety of ways:

List of Deaths



  • Her blood type is A.
  • Her measurements are Height: 151cm, Weight: 43kg
  • Her official profile lists her likes and dislikes.
    • Likes: Anime, Manga, the PSP (Playstation Portal).
    • Dislikes: Adults (mainly men).
  • She aspires to become an illustrator.
  • Mid-way through the first game, Ayumi is shown to start having her period, which is in the form of a visible blood-stain on the back of her skirt.
  • Ayumi shares a few traits in common with another yandere, Ayase Aragaki.
    • Both have AY starting names and surnames ending with Ki.
    • Both girls have blue-black hair and eyes.
    • Their school uniforms have a vaguely similar blue shade.
    • They share a few traits.