Ayase Koumoto
Kanji 河本綾瀬
Occupation Student
Weapon Hammer
Series Yandere No Onna No Ko
Voice Actress Ryou Hirohashi
Ayase Koumoto is one of the girls from Yandere No Onna No Ko. She was available in the first CD.



Ayase is a tall and well developed girl with fair complexion and big, rounded blue eyes. Her pink hair is medium-length and worn in a high ponytail held by a large purple ribbon.

She wears the same gold and green school uniform worn by Nagisa Nonohara.


Ayase is very protective and caring towards those she likes. She loves to help them and make food for them and is known for being a good chef. She is friendly and lively with an outgoing nature, and has no problem speaking what is on her mind. Which makes her antagonistic side shocking when it begins to rear its ugly head.

Despite her seemingly kind personality she is known for being a bully towards those she deems to be in the way or honestly dislikes, and she can be extremely violent and grew to gain a sadistic streak.

She became paranoid over the years but flawlessly covers it up with her usual smile and pep. However, this also makes her careless and put little thought into some of her actions.


Ayase is the childhood friend of the Protagonist and has always been right next to him. After realizing he was growing up and no longer needed her, she confessed to the Protagonist and her feelings were rejected.

Currently at the start of the track they appear to be dating, but she finds herself bothered that he still thinks about other girls and hasn't been relying on her as much...


She uses a hammer to attack and injure others.


Protagonist - Ayase panicked after the Protagonist realized she killed Nagisa, having been covered in her blood. To stop them from escaping she attacked the Protagonist, striking their hands and legs with her hammer, followed by the other parts of their body when they were too shocked to respond to her. By this point she realized how much she liked listening to them scream and continued hitting the Protagonist until their body was in too bad of a shape to move any longer. She proceeded to take care of the protagonist and torture them for the remainder of their life.

Nagisa - Initially Ayase didn't intend on hurting her as the Protagonists little sister, but after Nagisa confronted her and began to insult her, Ayase threw the girl in her room, which was sound proof due to practicing the piano in there. She did not intend on harming her until catching Nagisa trying to escape, when she deemed her a nuisance and stabbed her repeatedly. 

Sonoko - A few days prior to the track Sonoko had gone missing. Ayase reveals to the protagonist that she demanded Sonoko stay away, but when she didn't listen she attacked her with a pair of scissors, then as she continued to seek help she stabbed her with them.


Protagonist - Initially Ayase found the Protagonist to be annoying and whiny as they grew up. But her feelings soon turned into those of affection and she found herself delighted in knowing they could bond so much as children. But as they began to grow apart she felt lonely and confessed her feelings to him. As he rejected her in he past, it is possible that they are not actually dating as she claims in the Track. She is very protective over him.

Nagisa Nonohara - Ayase feels she should settle for being the Protagonists sister and is envious of their bond. She also has a natural rivalry with Nagisa due to them both being very similiar in behavior and skill, but initially didn't view her as a threat.

Sonoko Kashiwagi - Ayase does not like Sonoko and bullies her a lot, calling her "plain" and "ugly" and unworthy of the Protagonists attention and has been harassing her for a long time. Her irrational hatred of her worsened after the Protagonist began to defend her from her bullies.

Death Edit

Nagisa's TrackEdit

Nagisa confronted Ayase after realizing what her intentions were and stabbed her to death (along with Sonoko) shortly before the track takes place.

Sonoko's TrackEdit

Sonoko confronts Ayase during the evening with the belief that they are dating. Although the girls tried to resolve things, Sonoko gives in to her rage after Ayase insults her and stabs her in the stomach using her shovel. After her death she turned her corpse into fertilizer for her plants.

Etymology Edit


"But... when did we stop going together? When I noticed, you were all grown up and taller than me and I couldn't protect you anymore. I felt a bit lonely."


"I just killed her, and she still bugs me!"


  • Her voice actress also voices another yandere from the series, Yumemi Takanashi.
    • Both girls have similar appearances and personality traits.
  • She is 160cm tall.
  • Her measurements are 89-58-86.
  • Her yandere type is Possessive.
  • She vaguelly, physically resembles Laura Sakuraba from Aikatsu Stars!
    • Both girls have pink hair worn up with a purple accessory.
    • They both have blue eyes.
  • Ayase is the only girl in the first drama both rivals had an extreme problem with. This is due to her long-time connection with the Protagonist, and the fact that she was seen as being "better" than Nagisa, and bullied Sonoko.