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Ayane Amamiya
Kanji 雨宮 綾音
Birthday September 9
Occupation Student, Student Council President, Pianist
Series Fortissimo
Voice Actress Aina Kase

Mai Nazuna

Ayane Amamiya is a character from the Fortissimo series. She has another identity known as Valkyrie.



Ayane has a fair complexion with dark pink Tsurime eyes and a developed body. Her short, curled violet hair ends at her ears with several straightened strands making up her forelocks, which reach her collar bone. She normally wears a pale pink dress accented with red and black, a necklace, and a black choker.

As Valkyrie, her physical features, other than her hair and eyes remain the same. She gains long, wavy blonde hair and hosome-style violet eyes. In this form she wears a revealing black dress with lace gloves and a matching hat with a sheer black veil hiding her face.


A perfect genius who plays the piano and enjoys reading as a hobby. She is very charismatic, with several peers who respect her popularity and beauty- but at the same time, distance themselves from her. She is very talented, versatile with all sports and amazing others since a young age with her piano prowess. She is refined, but has become overconfident as a result of her many positive attributes and the attention she gains, and by fault is assertive.

She is inexperienced when it comes to romance and love and shows an innocent, but somewhat concerning side whenever she begins to boldly stalk Reiji, her crush. She also isn't above giving special treatment towards those she favors at school. She can be distrustful at times and highly stubborn, but she is also mature and works hard for her goals or plans. As Valkyrie she remains graceful and elegant. She is serious and stern, losing her carefree nature and assertive ways. But she remains overconfident and clingy- possibly more than before. She is very strategic in battle.




Momiji and Nagisa - Her best friends that she tends to spoil.

Reiji - Her crush and target of quite a few girls attention. She would do anything to keep him safe, and uses her secret identity as Valkyrie to do it. She stalks him and is very "strange" in regards of trying to handle her feelings for him.




  • Height: 159cm, Weight: 48kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 88-55-87cm
  • She is often depicted with an umbrella or parasol.