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Asuka Hijirisawa
Occupation High School Student, Cosplay, Kendo Studying
Weapon Katana, Shinai
Series Yandere na Shimai ni Shirokujichuu Aishi Tsukusareru ~Ninshin Suru no wa Watashi! Anata no Idenshi o Shikyuu de Hagukumitai no!~

Asuka Hijirisawa is one of the Hijirisawa siblings in Yandere na Shimai no Shirjokujichuu Aishi Tsukusareru ~'Ninshin Suru no wa Watashi! Anata no Idenshi o Shikyuu de Hagukumitai no!~. A game about two sisters attempting to sexually interact with their brother.



Asuka has a pale complexion with a developed body and large, slightly slanted caramel eyes. Her short pink hair is worn in twin-tails held with sky blue ribbon.

She wears the school uniform composed of a dark red blazer accented with white and a badge drawing on the left, a white top with an ice-blue ribbon, and a pleat skirt.


An energetic tomboy and the younger sister. Asuka is very popular and well-liked, and tries to help out when she is able to. Like her sister she can be jealous at times if their brother doesn't pay her attention.





Being trained in Kendo, Asuka has taken to using the Shunai, a sword made of bamboo. She also uses a katana.



  • Asuka and her sister are like the twin sisters featured in another Yandere game, Sakuya Ariake and Isora Ariake. In both games the sisters are in love with their brother. The one major difference being that Asuka and Miki are not blood-related to theirs.