Yandere Girls Wikia
Amy Rose
Age 12
Birthday September 23rd
Weapon Piko Piko Hammer
Series Sonic The Hedgehog
Voice Actress Tabitha St Germain

Amy Rose is one of the main heroine from Sonic The Hedgehog. Originally a sweet, friendly ingenue, her obsessive love for Sonic over time has given her traits of both a tsundere, and very light yandere. It is normally played for laughs however.



Amy is a pink furred hedgehog with a feminine frame and short quills worn in a style resembling a bob cut with a red headband. She has light green eyes and light skin. She usually wears a red dress with the back exposed and buttoned fabric around the neck and circular skirt lined in white, matching colored boots, and white gloves with gold ring cuffs.


Upbeat and sweet, Amy is friendly and feminine. She enjoys cooking and going out shopping when she isn't out on an adventure or chasing after her beloved Sonic. She is easygoing for most part and gets along well with children or small animals, capable of calming them down and encouraging others to remain positive, but she is also hot-blooded. It's not hard to upset or annoy her, so some might see her as being childish or annoying, while others might see her as charming. She tries not to judge others by their appearances, rather what they are like as a person; unless it's a girl showing interest in Sonic or acting closely with him.

Over the course of the years, Amy's innocent traits have been passed on to another character, but she remains good at heart and determined. She has gone on to become more independent and she bravely handles anything thrown her way.


Amy's Yandere side was mostly shown in Sonic Rush, when she threateningly warned Blaze to stay away from Sonic, and when Sonic told her he and Tails were looking for a "cat girl" Amy showed a bloodthirsty look in her eye and angrily asked what Sonic needs from this girl.

In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, she also threateningly warned Shade to stay away from Sonic and called her a witch.


Born on Little Planet, Amy has always been a fan of Sonic. After her Tarot Cards predicted that he would be making an appearance, she went out to meet him. But in the process, Metal Sonic kidnapped her and held her hostage, threatening to kill her should Sonic fail to show up.

Since then Amy has faithfully followed after Sonic as a member of his team, friend, and self-proclaimed girlfriend. She eventually moved to Station Square for a change of pace and to get closer to him, and she's been using her free time to improve her skills and self in order to keep up with Sonic and hopefully surpass him, rather then stay behind.


Amy's primary means of fighting and self-defense is her Piko Piko Hammer. An oversized hammer based on the Japanese squeaky mallet


Sonic - Amy adores him since learning of his heroics when she was little. While she is kind to others, she treats him extra-special and at times can be a little flirty with him. She is also pushy at her worst, and clingy to the point of darkly threatening violence- especially if he let's her down or is caught with another girl. Sonic usually finds her behavior to be exasperating, but he appreciates her and has no problem bragging about her skill and efforts, and he even seems to slightly reciprocate her affections a little. However, he makes it clear that he desires freedom above all else.

Tails and Knuckles - In most cases, Amy's anger is directed at one of them, such as if they keep any information on Sonic from her, or in Knuckles case, does or says something she finds to be stupid. In most cases she treats Tails like a little brother.

Shadow - Amy was the one to convince him to have a change of heart during his first appearance in an effort to contribute to the team. This led them to gaining mutual respect for each other.

Silver - Amy was very kind and attempted to help him upon meeting him, but after finding out he was trying to kill Sonic she ditched him. When everything is said and done, they seem to be on good terms.

Cream the Rabbit - Cream is to Amy, what Tails is for Sonic; a younger sidekick and best friend. Most of Amy's innocence and curiosity was given to Cream, and as a result Amy seems to be more mature until riled up. While Cream is often concerned for Amy or her obsession with Sonic, she loves her dearly and the feeling is mutual, with Amy treating Cream like a sister or daughter.


  • Her favorite food is Ice Cream.
  • Amy is one of the only known anthro yandere characters of an official series.