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• 7/16/2018

Anybody there?

Am I the only one that is doing everything to strive this wiki?
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• 7/13/2018

Kara's REAL Phone Number?

I just discovered while watching Bijuu Mike's DERE .EXE video (and at the same time playing the game by myself) when I stared upon this phone number...

630 296-7536

Was that real? I attempted to dial that number, but failed because of lack of airtime balance...
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• 7/13/2018

More about Kara please?

What happened to Kara on DERE EVIL .EXE? Is she breaking the fourth wall again...?

Anyhoo, give me your observations about her on DERE .EXE and why is she doing this...
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• 12/2/2016
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